Russia 2012 Summer (7) : Tour center hotel Rizalit in Suzdal

Entrance, Tour center rizalit, Suzdal (Russia 2012) RUSSIA
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Our hotel of second day’s night is in rural area

How many hours did we took from Vladimir to Suzdal ? I don’t know well. But it was so far. As I heard before, I found Suzdal is quiet and peaceful city.


Entrance, Tour center rizalit, Suzdal (Russia 2012)


My room, Tour center rizalit, Suzdal (Russia 2012)


Our guide said that there’re much mosquitoes around the hotel before going to Russia, so I brought insect repellant and antipruritic drugs. But in actuality, there were few mosquitoes. I slept with the window open. (Though the window could be opened only a bit.)

But there were no air-conditioner, so it was too hot in the room !

It has two-storey, and so wide, so it took much time from my room to restaurants and lobby.
And, our room was near the bar, so of sound or voice, to be heard outside loudly :O
I couldn’t sleep well 🙁

Then we had dinner at the hotel.
Bilberries liqueur. It was sweet, and it tasted like wine.

Bilberries liqueur, Tour center rizalit,Suzdal (Russia 2012)


Salads.(For its looking, for its tasting, it seemed weeds …)

The dish was put dressing on. But the dressing wasn’t enough for us in quantity and it was tasteless… everyone put salt and pepper on it 😛

Dinner 1, Tour center rizalit, Suzdal (Russia 2012)


I left almost all the fish 🙁 Because it had a lot of scale :O

Dinner 2, Tour center rizalit, Suzdal (Russia 2012)


I ate some slices of white breads. Then I went back to my room.

After the meals, I went for a walk around the hotel 🙂
I saw everyone out for a walk, then I went out of the hotel separately.
Long‐awaited wandering ~~~~~~~~~~


Address / 7 ulitsa Korovniki, Suzdal 601293, Russia

7 ulitsa Korovniki, Suzdal 601293, Russia


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