Russia 2012 Summer (6) : Sightseeing in Vladimir

Whole view of Dormition Cathedral, Vladimir (Russia 2012) RUSSIA
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I wrote about lunch at the trip September 3, Two weeks have already passed since then 🙁

I want to finish uploading about travel to Russia in this month.

Vladimir is one of the historic city in Russia. Such a long historic city is called “Golden Ring”

Golden Gate. These cables spoiled the scenery 🙁

Whole view of Golden gate, Vladimir (Russia 2012)

ちょっと電線がおジャマな黄金の門( ´゚д゚`)

I heard the gate was made by copying the “Golden Gate” in Kiev, Ukraine.
Eh ? Ukraine calls me ?

I missed asking his name to our guide. Supas , spaso or ….

Golden gate, Spaso Vladimir (Russia 2012)


Newly marriaged couple was photographed at the crossing in front of the gate.
I was afraid they would be run over by a car. But our guide said that such a sight is often seen in Russia. Cars avoided them with good.

Marriaged couple, Golden gate, Vladimir (Russia 2012)


After that we got the bus to Dormition Cathedral in Vladimir.

Our bus stopped in front of Pushkin statue.

Pushkin statue, Vladimir (Russia 2012)


Going through the arch of flowers,

Entrance of Dormition Cathedral, Vladimir (Russia 2012)


I heard that this was the most authoritative church in Russia in the past.

Whole view of Dormition Cathedral, Vladimir (Russia 2012)


Because its white was so beautiful, I tried to take the picture by sepia 🙂

Whole view of Dormition Cathedral as sepia, Vladimir (Russia 2012)



Dormition Cathedral from another another section , Vladimir (Russia 2012)

Fine view. Peaceful sight.

Whole viewfrom Dormition Cathedral, Vladimir (Russia 2012)


Children’s park is near Pushkin statue. Colorful and cute 🙂

Children park, Vladimir (Russia 2012)


After that, we went toward Suzdal. Our hotel that night was there.
We were feeling low because we couldn’t see Red Square and we had to spend a lot of time in the bus. We were exhausted.

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