Russia 2012 Summer (5) : Kief-style cutlet for lunch in Moscow

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Hot butter flowing from Kiev-Style cutlet !

We took lunch before going to Vladimir by bus :).

This restaurant interior looked like cave! We ate Kiev-style cutlet, famous Russian cuisine.

Appearance, Lunchtime before long trip by bus, Moscow (Russia 2012)


At first, soup came. Consommé.

consomme soup, Lunchtime before long trip by bus, Moscow (Russia 2012)


All-you-can-eat black breads and white breads were on the table.
Almost all people didn’t eat black breads. But white breads weren’t good, too.
Since I came to Russia from Japan, I ate some slices of black breads.

And Kiev-style cutlet. (котлета по-киевски)

Kiev-style cutlet, Lunchtime before long trip by bus, Moscow (Russia 2012)


On I cut into the cutlet, hot butter flowed 😀

But, to my regret, it hadn’t any seasonings.

I ate this cutlet with ketchup, but this oily rice … one of our group who was sitting beside me put salt and pepper on it 😛
I did, too.

Dessert after the meal. milk ice cream

Dessert, Lunchtime before long trip by bus, Moscow (Russia 2012)


Dessert. Maple syrup on vanilla ice cream. It was served this appearance.
It stuck on the edge of the dish 😛

That was all for my lunch. Don’t you think it was far from sufficient amount for one meal ?
I wanted to eat more 🙁
But I often get carsick, it might be good amount for me. If I had eaten to be full, I might get carsick.

Then we left for Vladimir.

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