Russia 2012 Summer (2) : Walking around the hotel in Moscow

I'm in Russia !,Best Western Hotel VEGA, Moscow (Russia 2012) RUSSIA
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It is already one month since I came back from Russia.

Well, we stayed this hotel at Moscow. “BEST WESTERN HOTEL VEGA“.

Appearance from its bottom,Best Western Hotel VEGA, Moscow (Russia 2012)


By the time we arrived at our hotel, it stopped raining and blue sky appeard.
As I heard, the weather was fickle.
When I took this picture, it was near 10:00 p.m. It was still light. I saw some children walking with their parents.

Our hotel conspicuous at a distance.

Appearance,Best Western Hotel VEGA, Moscow (Russia 2012)


I heard this hotel was built for 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

Our tour conductor recommended a shopping center near our hotel. So I went to there.

Tour conductor's recommend ,Shopping center near Best Western Hotel VEGA, Moscow (Russia 2012)


But this shopping center is untill 10:00 p.m. The up escalator was already stopped, so I got out soon. And I found many people in a public square, so I went toward there.

I didn’t take pictures, but there were some small shops.
On I entered a delicatessen, my nose cought the strong smells of every kinds of foods !
I felt like vomiting 🙁
It was a small shop, and the shop was selling confections, candies, dishes, breads, meats and so forth in it. It was badly ventilated 🙁
I walked ahead a little, but I couldn’t stand, so I went out.

Then I walked toward different directions…

I'm in Russia !,Best Western Hotel VEGA, Moscow (Russia 2012)


This was souvenir market. But it seemed ruins.
I went near the market, but the market was already closed.

After I walked around the hotel, I went back to my room.
I wanted to buy some chocolates and beer, but I didn’t want to have more load from the first day.
The next day, we had to travel a long distance by bus.

I went back to my hotel over 11:00 p.m. At last it seemed evening 🙂

View from the room around 11 p.m.,Best Western Hotel VEGA, Moscow (Russia 2012)


It got completely dark 30 minutes after that.
Darkness brought me drowsiness naturally.
So I took a bath then I went to bed.
Some people said, “Bath water is yellowish :O” But I couldn’t understand. I have bad eyes 😛

I found the bed quite comfortable 🙂

I had breakfast buffet at our hotel next morning. Fried eggs.
Chefs cooked in front of guests. They use unbelievably so much oils for it.
It was about to be deep fried.
At least, bacon were deep fried to a crisp.

Breakfast,Best Western Hotel VEGA, Moscow (Russia 2012)


It was so fatty that I felt like throwing up. I didn’t take much foods on my dishes, but I left about half foods 🙁

Also, sea bream and salmon (upper left) was oily 🙁

Whole breakfast,Best Western Hotel VEGA, Moscow (Russia 2012)


I might be able to eat up, but I had to ride the bus for a long time just after the breakfast. I kept from eating much.


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Izmailovskoe Ave, 71, 3B, Moscow 105613, Russia

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