Ojima : Lemon ramen at Rinsuzu Shokudou (りんすず食堂)

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Ramen covered with sliced lemon.

When I ate sudachi soba the other day of this summer, I liked it and thought noodles go with citruses contrary to expectations. And I went to Ojima (close to Kinshicho) eat popular lemon ramen.
I couldn’t go there because it sounded not good though I had known the shop since long ago.

Rinsuzu Shokudou

Appearance, Rinsuzu Shokudou (Ojima)


But Sudachi soba that I ate this summer had cold soup. Lemon ramen have hot soup.
Umm. I felt it sounds not tasty all the same. So… yes. I’m crafty…. I ordered a safe ramen with chicken tempura (鶏天ラーメン, 750 yen) and I planned to taste my friend’s lemon ramen 😛

Well, also this chicken tempura wasn’t safe in amount, though 🙁

Chicken tempura is served separately.

Chicken tempura, Rinsuzu Shokudou (Ojima)

でも結局無難な鶏天ラーメン・・・って、これステーキじゃんΣ(゚Д゚) ごはんちょうだい~(`・ω・´)

… ! Steak !!!!! It is anything but a chicken meat for steak.

I needed more rice than ramen !

Its surface was crisp, but the chicken  was so juicy. That was really tasty.

“I need rice  !”, I was shouting inside.

But, what came to me was ramen all the same.

Ramem, Rinsuzu Shokudou (Ojima)


This ramen was very tasty just as it was. The soup was mixed soba soup and soy sauce ramen soup.
And putting the chicken tempura on it added chicken’s fat to the soup.
Then, the chicken having the soup was outstandingly good!

Not only that, we can also enjoy it with grated ginger and red pepper on the table.

That ramen seems not large, but the bowl was deeper. So it had much noodles than its looking.

This is Lemon ramen (レモンラーメン, 650 yen) my friend ordered.
Very popular ramen and lot of people coming at weekends’ lunchtime.
“Ojima” is not popular district. It is residential district. There’re not much restaurants and shops. They come to Ojima just for eating it 🙂

The soup was coverd with lots of sliced lemons !!!!

Lemon ramen, Rinsuzu Shokudou (Ojima)


It was better than I had expected.
The sourness of lemon went with the soba-taste soup well.
But the peels of lemon added bitterness to the soup after a while  as the shopkeeper saying “Pick those sliced lemon out after a while, or it’s going to bitter !”
When I sampled it, it had already got bitterer.
I think it’s very difficult to find good time to pick those lemons out.

And more, my friend ordered a chicken tempura (200 yen).Very inexpensive ! Of course, we can’t order chicken tempura only, but it’s amazing that we can eat such a juicy chicken tempura just 200 yen.

Rinsuzu Shokudou (りんすず食堂)
Narumo Building 1st floor 5-7-3 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:30 to 21:00
Holiday – Mondays

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  1. renxkyoko says:

    People from the Philippines do love lemon in their noodles. A slice of lemon is on the side, and it depends on the person if she or he wants to add lemon to the dish.

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