Koshigaya : Koshigaya’s Specialty !

Our noodles, Ramen Specialty Shop Koshigaya (Koshigaya) Kanagawa & Saitama
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We went for Koshigaya only for ramen !

We heard there’s a popular ramen shop in Koshigaya and went to there.

Koshigaya…. you might not know. That’s within Saitama prefecture, Chiba’s neighborhood.
Why did we have to go to Saitama to eat ramen all the way from Chiba, nevertheless Chiba have much good ramen shops 😛

But some of our acquaintances sometimes said about this shop. Of course, good reputation. So,we were interested in the shop.
“Ramen specialty shop Koshigaya” have an impressive red shop curtain.

Noren, Ramen Specialty Shop Koshigaya (Koshigaya)


They have an ticket vending machine and we need to buy tickets in advance. Also we get water to drink by ourselves.
It took much time our ramen to be served.
The kitchen is big and there are about 20 seats in the shop.
But only two staffs cook and serve.
It took about 20 minutes or so. Our ramen came.

Our noodles, Ramen Specialty Shop Koshigaya (Koshigaya)


This is my wonton noodles (ワンタンメン, 980 yen). Clear soy sauce flavor soup.

Wonton noodles, Ramen Specialty Shop Koshigaya (Koshigaya)


This narrow noodles are my taste. But it was overcooked. I think because they were too busy.

Noodles, Ramen Specialty Shop Koshigaya (Koshigaya)


But those wonton and roast pork was so tasty. Especially, the wonton was awesome 🙂
And this soy sauce soup was simple and good.

My friend’s Salted soup noodles with wonton and green onions (ネギ塩ワンタンメン, 980 yen).

Salted soup noodles with wonton and green onions, Ramen Specialty Shop Koshigaya (Koshigaya)


Burnt smell of green onions were good 🙂

Those were tasty, but truthfully speaking, there’re many ramen shops serve more tasty ramen in Chiba
I’ll never pick a fight with people in Saitama prefecture 😛

About Ramen Senmonten Koshigaya (ラー麺専門店こしがや)

Address / 1-12-19 Koshigaya, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama
Station / Koshigaya station (Tobu Isezaki Line)
Open / 11:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 21:00
Close / Thursdays



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