Ramen Kiota (らーめん木尾田) in Motoyawata

Roast pork and rice, Kiota (Motoyawata) Chiba
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Well, I feel like eating ramen in cold weather.

I went to a ramen shop that is recommended to me by my acquaintance.
The ramen shop stands along a back alley in the shadows.


Appearance, Kiota (Motoyawata)

I ordered a ordinary ramen (ラーメン, 670 yen) and a seasoned boiled egg (味玉, 100 yen).
Ramen, Kiota (Motoyawata)
It was not pork fillet noodle, but it had some slices of pork fillet on it.

Those noodles were soft and I liked it. The egg was a little seasoned.
Noodles of ramen, Kiota (Motoyawata)
That ramen tasted like Aoba’s ramen. Far better than Aoba’s 😛
It had plenty of dried bonito favor.

My acquaintance most recommend was it. Pork fillet bowl (チャーシュー丼, 300 yen) 😀
I shared it with my friend.
Roast pork and rice, Kiota (Motoyawata)
Smoky tasted pork fillet and green onions were on the rice.

But that day’s pork fillet on the rice was not good. Firm, and dried.
Especially pork fillet on my ramen was so juicy so I might feel so.

My friend ordered a tsukemen. Brown colored soup had much taste of dried bonito !!
Tsukemen, Kiota (Motoyawata)

Ramen KIOTA (らーめん木尾田)
2-12-8 Yawata, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Open – from 11:30 to 15:00, from 18:00 to 23:00
Holiday – Tuesdays, Sundays’ night


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