Kohaku Nagashi at Seien (栖園) in Kyoto


When I visited Kyoto in 2016, I met great Japanese confectionery named “Kohaku-Nagashi”.
My friend recommended this sweets that time, and I found it was so tasty and beautiful as he said.

Kohaku-Nagashi can be eaten at Kanmidokoro (=Japanese confectionery cafe) named SEIEN in Karasuma-Oike area. SEIEN is in Japanese confectionery store named “DAIGOKUDEN HONPO (大極殿本舗)”.

Appearance, seien (Karasuma-Oike)

There are many wagashi in the shop.

Interior, seien (Karasuma-Oike)

Small garden, seien (Karasuma-Oike)

Syrup list

Kohaku-Nagashi have seasonal syrup. it change month by month.
So if you want to eat all syrups, you have to visit there every month.
I want to do so, but it’s far from my home to Kyoto. So, it took about two years to try second flavor !

Jan. – White miso
Feb. – Cocoa
Mar. – Amazake
Apr. – Cherry blossoms
May. – Matcha and azuki (red beans)
Jun. – Plum liquor
Jul. –  Pepper mint
Aug. – Hiyashi-ame (= Kansai local drink)
Sep. – Grape
Oct. – Chestnuts
Nov. –  Persimmon
Dec. – Black beans

There’s a sample at the entrance. Sample has changed every month, too !

Sample, seien (Karasuma-Oike)

Kohaku-Nagashi in April

I visited there April 1st, syrup during April is… Yes. Cherry blossoms !
It tasted and flavored like sakuramochi ! It’s the taste of Spring !

Look at this photo !

Cherry blossoms, seien (Karasuma-Oike)

Soft jelly dressed with pink syrup is so beautiful and cute ! The jelly is like Kuzumochi and kuzukiri.

When I visited there, I enjoyed real cherry blossoms in full bloom. And more, I could feel Spring by this beautiful sweets.


I think SEIEN don’t have English menus.
But don’t worry. They don’t have much foods.
Vertical writing. Tax-included.

Menu1, seien (Karasuma-Oike)
1.Kuri Zenzai (Zenzai with chestnut)   1,080 yen
2.Zenzai   870 yen
3.Fuku Kaburi   870 yen
4.Sencha (= Green tea) and Japanese unbaked sweets   760 yen
5.Matcha and Japanese unbaked sweets   760 yen
6.Warabi-mochi  660 yen
7.Kohaku-Nagashi   660 yen
9.Matcha milk (drink)   550 yen

And Set menu.

Menu2, seien (Karasuma-Oike)

1.Kohaku-Nagashi and Small zenzai   1,200 yen
2.Kohaku-Nagashi and Small warabi-mochi   1,050 yen
3.Matcha and Small Zenzai   950 yen
4.Small Zenzai and Zmall warabi-mochi   950 yen
5.Matcha and Small warabi-mochi   760 yen
6.Sencha (= Green tea) and dried Japanese confectionery   470 yen
7.Matcha and dried Japanese confectionery   470 yen

Are you hungry a bit ?

I ordered kohaku-nagashi and small zenzai set (No.1 of second photo menu above) because I felt hungry a bit.

Kowan-zenzai, seien (Karasuma-Oike)

But I don’t recommend this set if you don’t like sweet food so much. Sweet and sweet. Double sweet !

I think kohaku-nagashi and small warabi-mochi set  (No.2 of second photo menu above)  is better.
This is a photo when I had kohaku-nagashi with persimmon syrup last time in November. The persimmon syrup was awesome, too !

Kohaku-nagashi and warabi mochi, seien (Karasuma-Oike)

About Seien (栖園)

Address / 120 Horinoue-cho, Higashi-iru Minamigawa, Rokkaku-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Station / Karasuma Oike station (Kyoto subway)
Open / 10:00 – 17:00
Closed / Wednesdays



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