Asakusa : Watermelon parfait at Fruits Parlor Goto (フルーツパーラーゴトー)

Star, Fruits parlor Goto (Asakusa) Tokyo
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Summer tastes.

I visited Fruits Parlor Goto again.

Appearance, Fruits Parlor Goto (Asakusa)

I was satisfied with great mango parfait last time.
And I wanted to eat peach parfait that time.

Because of summer vacation, there are so many people from the opening time through the closing time.
Though I got to there around 6:30 p.m., there were still some people waiting.


Menus, Fruits parlor Goto (Asakusa)

I was really disappointed. Peach was entirely out of stock. And I intended to eat melon parfait if there’s not peach parfait.
But also melon parfait was out of stock, too ! Oh my !

I had no idea….

I ordered watermelon parfait after all. Of course, I wanted to eat watermelon parfait in a few weeks. But I wan’t in a mood for watermelon that day.

My watermelon parfait was served after 10 minutes or so.
Watermelon named “Kurodama Suika” Parfait (黒玉すいかのパフェ, 1,080 yen)

Water melon parfait, Fruits parlor Goto (Asakusa)

I never imagined such a funny looking. It’s like starfish 🙂
The watermelon was from Nagano prefecture.

Star, Fruits parlor Goto (Asakusa)

The watermelon was sweet and tasty. And watermelon sorbet and ice cream was at the middle of the container. It was good, too.

At the bottom of the watermelon parfait, Fruits parlor Goto (Asakusa)

Though I wanted to eat peach all the same, watermelon parfait itself was tasty and I was satisfied.

Speaking of watermelon, they serve shaved ice with watermelon, too. I want to try in a few weeks. Within this season !

About Fruits Parlor GOTO (フルーツパーラー ゴトー)

Address / 2-15-4 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Station / Asakusa station (Toei subway, Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:00 – 19:00
Closed / Wednesdays



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