Third place playoff men’s -90kg of judo begins soon :)

I’m surprised that japan’s men’s judo got far better result than I had expected 🙂
Women’s result was equal to my expecting except for -57kg.

I can’t believe that a japanese won the first prize at women’s -57kg.
I was surprised when japanese won world championships two years in a row, too.
But its value got lower than ever in recent years. So, I wasn’t surprised so much.
You see, I think coach wasn’t good 🙁
Previous coach of -57, Kaori Yamaguchi, she was always thinking about becoming head coach, not about her judo wrestler 🙁

Misato Nakamura lose in the first round, but I expected she would won consolation match.
But consolation match system has changed before I know.
Only each wrestlers who lose in the quarter finals can take part in the game.
I think there are no mean and need to hold consolation match any more 🙁
Why most consolation match being left out ?

I watched women’s 63kg games on TV yesterday because I wanted to see Masae Ueno.
Yoshie was ,,, as always :(.

I was cheering for Camilo, Brazil until now 🙂
But He lose Korea’s 🙁
I wanted to see Camilo and Iliadis in the finals.
But they’ll meet at third place playoff ! I never miss it !
It looks like far better fight than the finals 😛


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