Ginza : Delightful dinner party at Persil

Entree, Persil (Ginza) Tokyo
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Picturesque dinner.

I had dinner at Persil again. My friend asked me to join their dinner 🙂
He reserved standard dinner course because there was someone who visited there for the first time. I learned they have “standard dinner course” for the first time ! (About 5000 yen)

On entering the door, the chef welcomed us with smile as usual.
At first we toasted with champagne.

Toasted with champagne, Persil (Ginza)


After a while, bread and pastes.

Bread and paste, Persil (Ginza)


Salad and terrine made of pork. Colorful dish 🙂
The chef choose every ingredients carefully from all over Japan.

Salads, Persil (Ginza)


Entree. Quiche, putty, stewed beefmeat and vegetables.

Entree, Persil (Ginza)


This beefmeat had thick taste like lamb meat, perhaps it was because the sauce had miso. It was delicious.

Beefmeat tasted like lamb meat, Persil (Ginza)


Cappellini with fresh seaweed. I ate it before and it was delicious. I wanted to eat it again. I was delighted 🙂 The flavor of sea was good !

Fresh seaweed and Capellini, Persil (Ginza)


Dessert. Chocolate mousse, strawberry, melon and ice cream. The little bear was on the dish. He aimed at my mousse :p

Dessert was chocolate mousse, Persil (Ginza)


Everything was delicious and we could enjoy dinner at cozy room. Though now the chef manage his restaurant by himself, and sometimes we have to wait much time to be served. But it’s worth waiting and we the small room is comfortable like private room 🙂

About Persil (ぺるしぃ)

Address / 8F, 1-15-13, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Ginza-itchome station (Tokyo metro)
Open / Appointment only



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