Computer glasses

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My eyes need some cares by suffering from blue lights

I always watch the monitor and screen like PC and smartphone.
So, I’m anxious about the condition of my eyes.

I take “Hakkiri” that is suppliment for eyes every day.

Supplements that I am having now. Now, I take three species of supplements. All supplements that I have in a day now. As you know, I eat out so frequently and my diet is unbalanced. Especi...

But the suppliment have limitation for the effects.

I had wanted to buy Computer glasses for a long time.

So, finally I bought it !

PC glass at Daiso

100 yen at DAISO!
$1. Only $1. Around $1.2 now ?

Yellowish lens. Without optical correction, so it is hard to get tired.
Because everything being seen yellowish, when I see photos, I have to take off the glasses.

This package said it cut 50 % of blue lights.
It’s great though it cost me only 100 yen.

Anyway, I try it for the time being, and if it is good, I’ll buy computer glasses that cost me around 3000 yen at optician’s shop.
DAISO’s this PC glasses have cheap frame and lens. So, there’s no problem if I use it at home, but I don’t want to use it outside.

But, I am not accustomed to use glasses itself, perhaps I’ll be refrain from using it, as same as my optician in the closet.

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