Otako (お多幸 本八幡店) in Motoyawata

Toumeshi, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata) Chiba
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Popular Toumeshi in Nihonbashi could be eaten in Motoyawata, too !

I heard there is a so famouse oden izakaya that is named Otakou. It is famouse as “Toumeshi”.
I had seen Toumeshi on the internet and magazines only. But I could have the chance to go there thanks to my friend invited me to there.

Appearance, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata)


Head office, located in Nihonbashi is most popular. But there is a branch in Motoyawata, Chiba.

My drink.
Wasanbon (refined sugar) plum liquor (和三盆梅酒) 400 yen

Wasanbon plum liquor, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata)


I like refined sugar ! Its appearance was whiskey !

Sarashi-kujira. (さらし鯨酢みそ, 400 yen), pickled cucumber with rice bran (自家製ぬか漬け新香, 200 yen)

Sarashi kujira with vinegared miso and pickled cucumber, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata)


Whale tail with vinegar miso. It is boiled pickled whale tale with salt  and then being put in the water for a while.
So, those whale tale don’t have the fat left. And we eat it with vinegared miso sauce.
…..Umm. The fat of whale is delicious !!!!!
Whale meat that have no fat left was not good. Well, originally, sarashi-kujira is not for serving at shop like this, it is preserved food. I think.

Assorted 3 sashimi (刺身3点盛り)

Assorted sashimi, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata)


From left to right, Japanese seabass, lean meat of tuna and boiled octopus.
They must have bought assorted sashimi at supermarket nearby 😛

Grilled chicken (鶏ももお焼き) 500 yen

Grilled chicken, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata)


I liked it best in all dishes that I had. Next was pickled cucumber 🙂 It was grilled with soy sauce.

Fried fish cake (さつま揚げ) 600 yen

Thick fried tofu, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata)


I don’t like the surface of fried fish cake because of the feeling on my tongue. But its inside is so tasty 😀

After that we ordered some oden.
Scallop (ほたて, 300 yen) and Shiitake mushroom (しいたけ, 120 yen).

Oden - shiitake mushroom and scallop, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata)


Cake of pounded fish (半ぺん, 180 yen), egg (たまご, 120 yen), chikuwabu (ちくわぶ, 140 yen), fish ball (つみいれ, 180 yen) and sinewy meat (すじ, 120 yen)

Oden - fish cake, egg and so on, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata)


Daikon radish (大根, 150 yen), bamboo shoot (たけのこ, 150 yen)

Oden - Daikon radish, bamboo shoot etc, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata)


Taro (さといも, 150 yen), fried tofu fritter (がんも, 180 yen)

Deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables and taro, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata


*Toumeshi(とうめし) forgot its price

Toumeshi, Otakou Motoyawata (Motoyawata)


It didn’t have extraordinary apperaance than I had expected.

What is Toumeshi ?
– Huge tofu oden on the rice soaked with oden soup

The tofu was very soft and tasty. And he rice soaked with oden soup was not strong taste, but slightly sweet and tasty.
Toumeshi was good as I heard ,all the same.
I recommend you eat it once when you come to Japan 😀

About Otako Motoyawata branch (お多幸 本八幡店)

Address / 3-3-14 Minami-Yawata, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Station / Motoyawata station (Toei subway, JR), Keisei Yawata station (Keisei main line)
Open / from 18:00 to 24:00
Closed / Mondays



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