Kamagaya Daibutsu : Kakiage udon at Otafuku

Shop curtain, Otafuku (Kamagaya Daibutsu) Chiba
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Precious delicious udon shop in Chiba

I got off at Kamagaya-Daibutsu station for the first time.
Why ?

It is because I heard there is nice udon restaurant!


Entrance, Otafuku (Kamagaya Daibutsu)


Speaking of Kamagaya-Daibutsu, as its name, it is famous as daibutsu. I thought the Kamagaya-Daibutsu station put daibutsu at the forefront.
But a quiet residential area spreads out around the station 🙂

Shop curtain, Otafuku (Kamagaya Daibutsu)


The waitress took us to tatami room. Good atmosphere !

Interior, Otafuku (Kamagaya Daibutsu)


Picture of otafuku, Otafuku (Kamagaya Daibutsu)

It is udon restaurant, but also sabazushi is popular.
Sabazushi (さばずし) 750 yen
Vinegared mackerel sushi

Sabazushi, Otafuku (Kamagaya Daibutsu)


Tangle shavings on the sabazushi is not unusual. But it was good. I’ll try it at home !
But those tangle shavings clung to my lip 😛

We waited our udon viewing seasonings on the table.

Seasonings, Otafuku (Kamagaya Daibutsu)


Every udon bowls are very inexpensive.
Most inexpensive udon in the menus is 300 yen. Even out of those, I ordered this.
Kakiage udon (かきあげうどん) 400 yen

Kakiage udon, Otafuku (Kamagaya Daibutsu)


Kakiage is deep-fried vegetable strips. The kakiage was light and crisp. The soup was lightly seasoned, but so tasty 🙂

But I thought I should have ordered cold udon because it was hot because the air-conditioner didn’t work and I found the restaurant’s cold udon was not too cold 😛 I think they don’t turn on air-conditioner except mid-summer because the comfortable wind blow through the old Japanese house.

About Otafuku (お多福)

Address / 4-2-51 Kamagaya, Kamagaya-shi, Chiba
Station / Kamagaya Daibutsu station (Shin-Keisei Line)
Open / 11:00 – 14:30, 17:00 – 21:00
Closed /Mondays (If of national holidays, it is open and the next day is closed



  1. Emperor says:

    I’ve never seen sabazushi before, but it looks like it would have a good flavor.

  2. Ryoko says:

    If you don’t dislike vinegared food, you’ll like it 🙂

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