Funabashi : Osaka Local Fair 2013

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I’m planning what to eat at Osaka next time !

I have a plan going to Osaka by the end of this year.

The word “Osaka” reminds me of tasty foods. So my heart is singing !
Speaking of Osaka, I went to Osaka foods and products fair that was held in Funabashi Tobu.

Maybe it is the most popular Osaka foods !

Butaman (551 Horai)

Section of 551 Horai butaman, Oaka local fair, Funabashi Tobu



Abeno potatos(Osaka-Abeno Shimaya)

Abeno potato, Osala local fair, Funabashi Tobu


I don’t like daigakuimo, but I like it. Sweet, and tasty.
Daigakuimo is Japanese candied sweet potatos.

At the foods and products fair, I also ate those sweets.

Mango Kakigori (Ping ping foa)

Mango kakigori, Osaka local fair, Funabashi Tobu

もうかき氷って季節じゃないしね~ これからは・・・オシルコか?

Plenty of mango !!!
But, by the time I’ll go to Osaka, kakigori season will be end 😛

Mitarashi-torotoro (Namiyoshian)

Mitarashi, Osaka local fair, Funabashi Tobu


It is good as souvenir 🙂

gelato (Namiyoshian)

Jelato, Osaka local fair, Funabashi Tobu


I can eat jelato with glad all year around 🙂
But I couldn’t feel “Osaka” by the gelato.

Anything else ?


I have lots of foods that I want to eat at Osaka in my mind !
Planning the trip is so fun !

(But the main of my next trip is Ise Jingu shrine :P)


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