Osaka 2014 (15/15) : View of Osaka

Illumination of Dotonbori 1(Osaka 2014-1) OSAKA
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Too popular view in Osaka

This will be the last post continued about our trip to Osaka.

Last post … was about views of Osaka.
The 2nd day’s night, we took a walk around Dotonbori river.

Speaking of Osaka, I think everyone remember this view at first.
Illuminations of buildings along Dotonbori river !!!!!
A lot of advertising shining !!

Illumination of Dotonbori 1(Osaka 2014-1)


Woow !  Though Tokyo is called a city that never sleeps, but Osaka city, too 😛

Illumination of Dotonbori 2 (Osaka 2014-1)


Also Osaka Osho’s branch is close to my house, but they don’t have such huge gyoza !!! That’s the Osaka !!!

Illumination of Osaka Osho (Osaka 2014-1)


Kuidaore Taro 🙂

Kuidaore Taro (Osaka 2014-1)


I gave Kuidaore Taro’s key chain to my mother and she was so happy 🙂 Though I don’t want such a key chain….. 😛 Eh ? Do you want it ?

The third day, I took a walk early in the morning.
The street in front of the Nanba Grand Kagetsu that was so crowded the previous night was so calm in the early morning 🙂

Namba Grand Kagetsu in the early morning (Osaka 2014-1)


Hozenji Yokocho street. It seems to be lots of izakaya there…. It attracted me… I want to know about the street…

Hozenji Yokocho (Osaka 2014-1)


Sennichimae. It was calm and few people were there. I felt that previous day’s crowds seemed a lie …

Sennichimae (Osaka 2014-1)


The view of along the dotonbori river in the early morning is fresh…. not ? 😛

Illumination of Dotonbori in the morning (Osaka 2014-1)


Osaka don’t seem to be the same Tokyo as Tokyo and have its own culture. I want to know more about Osaka and I want to visit there again sooner 🙂



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