Oniuma Sudachi Pepper

Agedasi dofu with Oniuma Sudachi pepper FOOD & DRINK
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I have known Yuzu Pepper,
But I heared Sudachi Pepper for the first time at Tokushima.

Sudachi Pepper is condiment paste made from sudachi zest and chile peppers.

I bought it at Souvenir shop in Tokushima Airport.

Oniuma Sudachi Pepper

As the name suggests, excellent.:)
“鬼うま”- “oniuma” means “like an ogre” in English.
it is said in Japanese because it is so delicous that an ogre will loves it.

This is made of green chilies.

Oniuma Sudachi pepper that I bougjt at Tokushima


It is very spicy and much sudachi flavor. It’s very good.

But I don’t like lightly roasted chicken I ate at a restauranti in Tokushima
Maybe I think It didn’t good with sauce.

Yakitori, soba, fried tofu, and so on.

Agedasi dofu with Oniuma Sudachi pepper


Written “Good with omlet”.
I think it doesn’t need for omlet such a strong spice. I like sweet omlet.
Incidentally, there are yuzu pepper version, too.

Leave yuzu to Kochi, I think

Now that you mention it, I haven’t sorted out pictures that I had taken at travel in Tokushima and Kagawa.
I took much picture…

Today I went to a day trip to Atami,
But it is hard.

Shigoto-osame means to carry out the last business of a year near the end of
December, i.e. the end of the year.
As for me 30 December is.
Many people’s Shigoto-osame is 29 or 28.
Tomorrow, day after tomorrow, my train will be uncrowded.


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