My first digital camera

My first digital camera, Olympus camedia SHOPPING
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Olympus CAMEDIA C-700 Ultra Zoom

Today, it isn’t good weather, and it’s end of the year, so I clearned house as year-end cleaning.

I bought a new digital camera this year.

I bought some replacement this year. Television, laptop … (This is a pretext that I couldn’t saving money 🙁 )

This is the digital camera I have used for about 10 years.

Olympus  CAMEDIA C-700 Ultra Zoom

My first digital camera, Olympus camedia

初めてのデジカメ。記念にパチリ( ̄ー+ ̄)

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Optical 10 times zoom lens, 2.11 megapixel. Launched in April 2001. 10 years past…. oh…

Big lens, good picture ,so I like it.

It’s heavy, so I bought a new one  by mail-order before, but I couldn’t like that. That had not much zoom, not good picture.
So I parted with that camera.(My mother use now)
Though it’s heavy, but I continued to use it.

But there was something trouble with me recently.
I come to take much much picture than before.

Storage media is SmartMedia.

Do you know SmartMedia???

And, this is 8 megabyte.
SmartMedia, at most  128 megabyte.

And, Smartmedia already went out of production.

I seeked used Smartmedia at the net auction, but it is at a high price.
I thought it’s better for me to buy a new camera.

So I bought a new one. “Fuji film”. I bought gold one.

It’s small, and light. 15 times zoom.I think it’s ok.

At first I tried to buy a Olympus’s 25 times zoom but, it’s very heavy, so I gave up to buy.

I’ll hold dear this old camera.
I won’t throw away as refuse.

By the way,  when I went to the shop to buy a SmartMedia at first, a young male clerk asked me what is a SmartMedia…
He was serious…:'(


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