Oita 2015 (5/6) : Shibaseki Onsen and sushi at Beppu onsen town (紫石温泉、別府温泉)

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Unexpectedly rainfall prevented me from hell

I intended to finish posts about my trip to Oita this time, but while arranging the photos, I found there are too many photos that I want to show you. So, I’ll post one more article about this trip 😛
Though I wanted to post one altogether about “Beppu Onsen town”

Before that, you might forget about my Oita trip because much time have passed since I posted about the trip last time.
So, this is the post last time 🙂 Today I post about the third day. Last day of my Oita stay.

Oita 2015 (4/6) : Beppu onsen (別府温泉)
One of the biggest onsen town in Kyusyu ! I got on the train at Hita station and my target was Beppu ! Last onsen on the list of Bungo three major onsen ! By the way, the way to go Beppu from Hita...

The third day, last day of Oita, I woke up earlier and got out of the accommodation.
We don’t need any procedure of leaving the accommodation, we can leave the accommodation as we like. We pay when we check in.
In short, there are no any staffs until noon.

There are some big lockers and someone who use this accommodation can use those lockers. So, I put my baggage into the locker and got out of the accommodation.

I wanted to do Jigoku-Meguri. So, I went to Kannawa Onsen bus stop by bus. And then I started Jigoku Meguri (Hell-tour).
I remembered that I didn’t have breakfast, so, I bought it at Lawson that I happened to find on my way to Jigoku area.
Karaagekun. Usa-Shoyu flavor. While in Oita, I felt like eating karaage somewhere ! Oita is said to be a barthplace of karaage ! But why did I eat Karaagekun at Oita …

Breakfast, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)

3日目は地獄めぐりをすべく早起きして鉄輪温泉まで。そうそう、朝ごはんも食べずに出てしまったので、偶然あったローソンでからあげくん(ノ∀`) あやうく空腹でどこかで倒れるところだった。

I scheduled to do Jigoku meguri, but on the way to Jigoku area, it started raining. I forgot my folding umbrella at Narita Airport, so I didn’t have umbrella. There was no shops. It was very far to go back to the Lawson.
I was at a loss and walked to Jigoku area, then I found the sign of Shibaseki Onsen. I wasn’t interested in the onsen and I didn’t intend to take it at the trip, but I thought this is the good chance to visit and perhaps this would be the last chance to visit there 😛
So, I decided to take the onsen and shelter from the rain.

Entrance, Shibaseki Onsen, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)


Gate, Shibaseki Onsen, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)


I found this onsen resource was far better than expected. It is sulfur spring and the water is white.
And the Steambath that is specialty of Beppu was there, too. Too hot ! I couldn’t take the bath for a long time.

Entrance of Bathroom, Shibaseki Onsen, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)

ロッカーは100円です( ̄ー ̄)満足で温泉を出ると雨は本降り・・・仕方がないので、ローソンに戻ります。じ、じごくめぐりが・・・(つд⊂)

Lockers are cost you 100 yen.

After I got out of Shibaseki Onsen, I found the rainfall got heavier than before taking the bath. Umm…
I gave up and went back to Lawson, and bought an umbrella.
I found it’s already past 10 a.m.
It’s good time to walk to “the shop”. I didn’t see any “jigoku” yet !

So, I started to walk to the shop.
I intended to go to this shop at any cost ! Sushi-go-round ! About 30 minutes from the Lawson.

Kamemasa Kurukuru zushi

Appearance, Kamemasa Kurukuru Zushi, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)


I arrived at the shop 10 minutes before the opening time. Oh, great ! On schedule ! 🙂
(Though I never visited Jigoku yet…)

There was already one group there. But fewer than expected.I learned first comers is there 30 minutes before the opening time and if I arrive at the shop 10 minutes before, there might be a possibility to unable to enter the shop as soon as the opening time. Maybe the rain prevented someone from visiting there 🙂

Why did I wanted to go there at any cost … ? That’s because ….

Seki Saba (Seki Mackerel, 関サバ, 360 yen) !

Seki Saba mackerel, Kamemasa Kurukuru Zushi, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)


Seki Aji (Seki Horse Mackerel, 関アジ, 360 yen)!

Seki Aji horse mackerel, Kamemasa Kurukuru Zushi, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)


I can’t believe that such expensive fishes at lower price at sushi-go-round shop !
And those were so fresh !

Ryukyu (りゅうきゅう, 130 yen).
Because it was seasoned slightly since they are proud of fishes’ freshness, I couldn’t find the difference between “tataki” and Ryukyu.
Of course, it was fresh and tasty.

Ryukyu, Kamemasa Kurukuru Zushi, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)


Thread-sail filefish dressed with its innards (ハゲのきもあえ, 150 yen) from Beppu bay.

Hage with its innards, Kamemasa Kurukuru Zushi, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)


I was interested in the word “hage” 😛
Hage means bald head in Japanese. I wondered what it this.
I found it meant thread-sail filefish later. It is called “Kawahagi” around here.
I examined later and found “Hage” is used around Kansai region.

And another I ate squid, horse mackerel’s tataki and so on.

Miso soup.

Miso soup, Kamemasa Kurukuru Zushi, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)


They show clearly Where every fishes came from on the blackboard. That’s great ! From this blackboard, I chose fishes from Kyusyu area, especially Oita !

Blackboard menus, Kamemasa Kurukuru Zushi, Beppu onsen town (Oita 2015 Spring)


Though I ate a lot, it cost me around 2000 yen in all 🙂 Then I started to walk to Jigoku area again !

Shibaseki Onsen (柴石温泉)

Address / 4, Noda, Beppu-shi, Oita
Bus stop / Beppu University station (JR)
Open / 7:00 – 20:00
Close / Wednesdays
Admission fee / Adult 210 yen, Child 100 yen


Kamemasa Kurukuru Zushi (亀正くるくる寿司)

Address / 7, Kitanaka, Beppu-shi, Oita
Bus stop / Beppu University station (JR)
Open / 11:00 – 22:00
Close / Wednesdays



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