Oita 2015 (4/6) : Beppu onsen (別府温泉)

Strawberry smoothie cocktail, Takekawara Onsen, Beppu (Oita 2015 Spring) OITA (Beppu, Yufuin, Amagase)
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One of the biggest onsen town in Kyusyu !

I got on the train at Hita station and my target was Beppu ! Last onsen on the list of Bungo three major onsen !

By the way, the way to go Beppu from Hita is once you have to go Yufuin station and then change train to Oita station.
And then you finally can meet the train “to Beppu”.

Notice, Oita station, Beppu (Oita 2015 Spring)

日田から別府に行くにはいったん由布院に行って、大分行きに乗り換えて、ようやく大分駅で「別府」の文字に出会えます(゚Д゚)  って日田出たの3時だよ!もう5時!

Oh my ! So inconvenient ! I left Hita around 3 p.m. ! Already 2 hours passed !

Kyusyu’s railway system is generally inconvenient compared with Tokyo and Osaka. If you go there and use train or bus, you should examine well in advance.
I examined in advance well, still I was astonished.

When I got to my accommodation named “Beppu Guest House”, it was already 6 p.m.
Anyway, I didn’t want to walk around Beppu town with my baggage, I went straight to my accommodation and checked in.

Appearance, Beppu guest house, Beppu (Oita 2015 Spring)



It is large accommodation and had dormitories. It cost me only 1500 yen.

After I left my baggage in my room, I went out for seeking the bus stop (Beppu Kitahama Bus Center) that I used the next day and my dinner.
I could find the bus stop easily, but I couldn’t find my dinner.

Water, Park in front of bus stop, Beppu (Oita 2015 Spring)


Because,,, I didn’t feel like eating anything. My stomach wasn’t empty.
So, I went to the supermarket near the station and bought instant ramen 😛

Beppu tower in front of the bus stop. You can enjoy karaoke here 😉

View, Beppu tower, Beppu (Oita 2015 Spring)


Then I went back to my accommodation and ate the noodle.
After that I got out of the house again and went to the onsen facility.

Of course ! I took Beppu onsen bath ! This onsen facility cost us only 100 yen !
But there is no washing space.
Though there is sand bath (extra charge is required)
I didn’t take the sand bath because it takes much time (About one hour or so). I wanted to go to bar after that 😛
It was built in 1879 and then rebuilt in 1938. We can enjoy Beppu onsen in such a historical architecture.
Takekawara Onsen

Appearance, Takekawara Onsen, Beppu (Oita 2015 Spring)



Well, I went to bar after that. Here. Bar Inoue.
I heard it is the most popular bar in Beppu area.

Appearance, Bar Inoue, Beppu (Oita 2015 Spring)


Strawberry smoothie cocktail (いちごのスムージーカクテル)
It was like kakigori. Very cold and tasty ! I felt hot because I took hot bath. So, this cold dessert was really comfortable.

Strawberry smoothie cocktail, Takekawara Onsen, Beppu (Oita 2015 Spring)


Though I didn’t take the photo, I had China Blue (チャイナブルー), too.

Alexander (アレキサンダー)

Alexander, Takekawara Onsen, Beppu (Oita 2015 Spring)


I forgot these exact price, but it cost me 3000 yen sharp in all.


When we went back to my accommodation, many people was gathering in the chatting room. I joined them and drunk Japanese sake there 😛
There were many people from abroad like France, Taiwan, China…. that was great time 🙂
Beppu have many inexpensive dormitories and onsen facilities. So Beppu is good for money-saving travel.

Beppu Guest House (別府ゲストハウス)

Address / 1-12 Ekimaecho, Beppu-shi, Oita
Station / Beppu station (JR)
Dormitory / 1575 yen (tax included)
Reservations / Booking.com, agoda.com
Website / http://beppu.cloud-line.com/(in Japanese only)

Bar Inoue (Bar 井ノ上)

Address / 4-13, Motomachi, Beppu-shi, Oita
Bus stop / Beppu station (JR)
Open / 19:00 – 27:00
Sundays / 19:00 – 24:00
Close / No scheduled


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