Keisei-Tateishi Tour 3/3 – Odenya

Daikon radish and egg, Odenya Tokyo
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After Ranshu, we killed time at a karaoke shop until odenya (おでんや) open. Odenya opens 5 pm.

Keisei-Tateishi is also nostalgic at night.

Odenya stands along Nonbe Yokocho (it means heavy drinkers’ back alley)

Odenya (おでんや)

Appearance, Odenya

The house is old, but the shop curtain is new 🙂

Appearance2, Odenya

The menus is the same design as shop curtain 🙂

Menus, Odenya

The shop have much kinds of Japanese sake and shochu(distilled spirit).

Before eating oden, we ordered some dishes.

*Tofu refuse and potatos salads (おからとじゃがいもサラダ) 400 yen.

Tofu refuse and potatos salads, Odenya

I know tofu refuse is more nutritious than tofu, but it is tasteless as it is. Tofu refuse have dry texture. So I was impressed by the dish. It was wet and so tasty.

It tasted mustard a bit.

*Toriwasa dressed with yolk (とりわさ黄身あえ) 600 yen.

Toriwasa is half-boiled chickens with wasabi-seasoned soy sauce.

Toriwasa, Odenya

*Potatos and baguette with beef tendons arrabbiata sauce(牛すじのアラビアータ) 700 yen.

Beef sinew, Odenya

It was tasty, but I have no idea why this dish is named “arrabbiata”.

It was not hot at all. I think it’s better to change the name “with tomato sauce” 😛

We got nearly full, so finally we ordered oden.

Some sauces for oden came.

For oden, Odenya

*Laver oden (のり) 200 yen.

Laver oden, Odenya

Laver oden is very unusual 🙂 I drunk up it and there was much smell of sea in my mouth.

*Green onions (ねぎ) 200 yen.

Green onions, Odenya

It is green onions that is grilled once.

Egg(たまご). and daikon radish(だいこん). 150 yen each.

Daikon radish and egg, Odenya

Those are standard ingredients of oden 🙂

Everything was tasty, but I wanted to eat oden more…


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