Fukushima : Noji onsen with my mother 1/2 (野地温泉)

Our dinner, Nodi onsen hotel,trip to Nodi onsen 2014 FUKUSHIMA (Takayu etc)
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White world and White bath.

I took my mother to Noji onsen in Fukushima last month.
I wanted to post about the trip after finished posting my trip to Cambodia. But summer’ll come soon in Japan, and Cambodia is always hot.
So, I decided to post my trip to Noji onsen ahead.

Because nevertheless it was the end of March, it was heavy snowfall in Nodi onsen that time.

On arriving at Fukushima, we found it was raining, though the weather forecast said it’s cloudy.

We came to there by train early in the morning, so, in the meantime, we entered a soba restaurant.

The restaurant is near the station and have good reputation.

Appearance, Sobancyu,trip to Nodi onsen 2014


I intended to eat seiro for tasting soba well, but it was so cold. I changed in my mind. I ordered a warm kake soba (かけそば, 800 yen).

Kake soba, Sobancyu,trip to Nodi onsen 2014


It was really tasty. Especially its soup was excellent. My mother ate a soba with tempura.
My mother gave me a little, and it was good, too 🙂

Our hotel’s bus waited guests at Fukushima station and they take guests to their hotel. (one bus per one day)
It takes about one hours.

There was no snow and no snawfalls near Fukushima station, But…

Out of the window, Nodi onsen hotel,trip to Nodi onsen 2014


Out of the window in my room. It was blizzard ! Well, it has an elevation of 1200 meters !
Truthfully speaking, I was uneasy until we get to our hotel. Because the view from the bus window was entirely white !
The driver was professional ! We could arrived at our hotel without accident.

Our room was small. It seems more hot-spring cures than hotel 🙂 I was a little disappointed that our room didn’t have a refrigerator.

Our room, Nodi onsen hotel,trip to Nodi onsen 2014


This hotel was Popularity Rank 1st of Nagano’s hotel in Yahoo! Japan.
I stayed at the hotel, and I agreed with that.

The sulfur spring was excellent !

Indoor bath, Nodi onsen hotel,trip to Nodi onsen 2014


The indoor bath have one outdoor bath. Apart from that, they have one women’s outdoor bath.
And, separately from that, there have three baths. Those were alternately used by men and women.

Jalan’s website

And our dinner. Hearty meals !

Our dinner, Nodi onsen hotel,trip to Nodi onsen 2014


Sashimi, tempura, chawanmushi, grilled fish ….. so much !

Not only its volume, but its quality ! Yonezawa beef ! SUKIYAKI !
I didn’t expected to have good dinner at the hotel and I was so surprised that I could eat such a juicy and soft meat (^^)

Yonezawa beef Sukiyaki for our dinner, Nodi onsen hotel,trip to Nodi onsen 2014


I was over full and I went back to my room and took a rest for a while ……

About Sobanchu (蕎麦人)

Address / 8-42 Satsukicho, Fukushima-shi,Fukushima
Station / Fukushima station (JR, Fukushima kotsu)
Open / 11:00 – 14:30, 18:00 – 22:30
Close / Mondays (in case it is holiday, next day is closed)


About Nodi Onsen Hotel (野地温泉ホテル)

Address / 1 aza-nodi, Tuchiyu Onsenmachi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima
Station / Fukushima station (JR)
Website / http://www.nojionsen.com/(in Japanese only)



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