Tsukiji : Nippon fisherman’s diner !

Vinegared mackerel, Nippon Gyoko Shokudo (Tsukiji) Tokyo
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From “Re-fish” to “Nippon fisherman’s diner” without major change

Some of my acquaintances praised this restaurant in Tsukiji.

Nippon Fisherman’s diner

Menus, Nippon Gyoko Shokudo (Tsukiji)


There used to be “Re-fish Shokudo”.
The owner isn’t changed. They had changed the restaurant’s name from “Re-fish Shokudo” to “Nippon Fisherman’s diner” because many people was wondering its name.

So, menu is similar to former restaurant.

My acquaintances recommended this deep fried horse mackerel (こだわり鯵フライ, 756 yen * 2 portions).

Deep fried horse mackerel, Nippon Gyoko Shokudo (Tsukiji)


Those were fried deeply with fine bread crumbs thickly and seasoned with vinegared soy sauce.
The horse mackerel itself was tasty. But I like thinly, crispy coating like Yachiyo.

Vinegared mackerel (シメサバ, 756 yen)

Vinegared mackerel, Nippon Gyoko Shokudo (Tsukiji)


Those lightly vinegared mackerel was tasty. I like it.

Akashi octopus croquette (明石タココロッケ, 540 yen). I ate it at former restaurant.

Akashi octopus croquette, Nippon Gyoko Shokudo (Tsukiji)


There were few slices of octopus last time. But I enjoyed the texture of octopus much this time.
It was good. Though the price went up 😛

They serve alcoholic drinks and many foods that go with alcoholic drinks well. Of course, they serve meal, too. Also they have much seats. So, it’s good for everyone who visit Tsukiji 🙂

About Nippon Fisherman’s diner (にっぽん漁港食堂)

Address / 4-16-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 8:00 – 15:00
Closed / No scheduled



  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    Ha ha, yes, Fisherman’s Diner is probably easier to relate to:) Mackerel can be really delicious, when t’s fresh and there’s not too much vinegar added:)

  2. magnifikajp says:

    Thank you for your visit to my blog.
    Your posts make my mouth water !!

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