Taipei 2016 Spring : Ningxia Night market (寧夏夜市)

appearance-gu-zao-wei-tofu-pudding-shuanglian-taipei-201605 TAIWAN
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I met my friends’ longing shop by chance.

I dropped in at Ningxia Night Market on my way to my hotel.

Signboard, Ningxia night market, Shuanglian (Taipei 201605)


When I got to there around 8 p.m., there were many people. The market is open from 6 p.m. to the midnight.

Busy street, Ningxia night market, Shuanglian (Taipei 201605)


Taipei have so many night markets, and this Ningxia night market is large market, but it is popular as Taiwanese oyster omelet. So, I wanted to eat it.
But unfortunately, I didn’t feel like eating anything because I already ate dinner, and I felt sick because of the smell of foods in the muggy air.

So, I gave up eating the omelet, but I wanted to have something and went back and forth. Then I found the tofu pudding shop by chance.
I knew this shop’s name on the guidebook.

Gu Zao Wei Tofu pudding



But when I entered the shop, I found this is so popular shop because it was featured on the popular TV show named “Kodoku no Gourmet” in Japan.
My friends loved it. Though I seldom watch TV.



They serve not only tofu pudding but also drinks and shaved ice.




I chose shaved ice.
Snow shaved ice with redbeans (紅豆雪花冰, $NT75)

Snow shaved ice with redbeans, Gu Zao Wei Tofu Pudding, Shuanglian (Taipei 201605)


You think why this post have some photos in the daytime…. Because I visited there again the next day 🙂

I dropped in at this shop on my way to Pinsan (冰讃).

Tofu pudding with aiyu jelly and grass jelly. (愛玉・仙草豆花, $NT50)


「あれ、夜市に行ったんでないの?なんで明るい写真があるの?」という疑問が聞こえますね( ̄▽ ̄) 翌日もう一回ここに来たからです。その時撮ったんです。

I mistook the choice. I chose double jellies :p
But both was good.
Their tofu pudding have shaved ice on it.



I want be back soon for having oyster omelet at the market. I’ll visit Taipei again in November. So, without fail.

About Gu Zao Wei Tofu pudding (古早味豆花)

Address / 台北市大同區民生西路210號
Station / Shuanglian station (雙連站)
Open / 11:00 – 25:00
closed / no scheduled
Website / (in Chinese only)



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