New york cheese cake :)

New york cheese cake bath additives BEAUTY
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Not dessert but bathwater additives.

New York Cheese cake bath powder.
New york cheese cake bath additives
I bought bathwater additives 20 pack set at New Year’s sale. It is the one of the set.
I like New York cheese cake. But I never buy it of my own will because I don’t like things that have something smells of foods.

When I broke the seal, cheese cake smells attacked my nose. At first, I hesitated to put the powder into the bathtub.
But I tried.

The bathwater turned dull yellow. And cheese cake smells enveloped the bathroom.
But, the smells disappeared soon.

It was not bad smells than I had thought.

It contains lactoferrin, and my skin got smooth. I felt the effect that as if I took a milk bath.


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