2012 New Year’s Dish

San-no-ju of Takasago, 2012 New Year Dish FESTIVALS/EVETNS
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Beginning of 2012 with New Year Dish

Of course, it is Osechi.
I bought a osechi by mail-order last year. That was very good.
So, this year, I ordered osechi at Rakuten. (different from last year’s)

That’s osechi name is “Takasago”
(They don’t provide their foods to overseas)

Ichi-no-ju (the first box)

Ichi-no-ju of Takasago, 2012 New Year Dish


Ni-no-ju (the second box)

Ni-no-ju of Takasago, 2012 New Year Dish


San-no-ju (the third box)

San-no-ju of Takasago, 2012 New Year Dish


Overall, lacking of taste, especially there are something tasteless.
In other words, noncommittal tastes 😛

So I gave taste to it by soy sauce, hot pepper paste, and so on.

Umm. We didn’t need three boxes.  It’s too much for us. We have only two in my family.
The quantity is for about three people.I was greedy. 😛
I’ll be order two boxes set next year.

Oh, I’ll unable to eat osechi next year 🙁

And, this is an essential food for New Year.
Hannama gashi (soft, sami-baked Japanese sweets)
I bought it at Morihachi in Funabashi Tobu.

Wagashi for 2012 New Year Dish, Morihachi Funabashi Seibu branch,


Wagashi, Morihachi on the tray, 2012 New Year Dish


I’ll be unable to eat it, too. because … it’s a secret 😛

I think I’ll hold dear to spend time this year.

Rakuten global market : Student osechi (osechi) “Mai” (or not)

Rakuten global market : Student osechi (osechi) “two envelope” (two)


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