Cute cats

Cute cut in neighborhood 2 UNCATEGORIZED
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I saw cats near my house.

Two more cats were there, but they went into hiding 🙁

Closing to the cat, the cat looked at me with a little nervous 😀

Cute cut in neighborhood 3


The cat came to so close to me that I couldn’t take a picture well :(.
But very cute 😀

Cute cut in neighborhood 2


I want to go home with the cat 😛

These cats has a collar, so maybe they are pet cats. But I always find they are here from morning to night.

”What are you?”

Cute cut in neighborhood 1


The cat gazed me at a distance.
If I had gone to close to the cat, maybe the cat went into hiding, I thought.
So, I kept the distance and took this picture. Round shaping 😀


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