Nasu Matsukawaya 2013 : 2nd day

Sazare stone, Nasu (Nasu kogen) TOCHIGI (Nasu etc)
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Next morning Shika-no-yu (Nasu, Tochigi)

This article is continuition of the article “Nasu Matsukawaya 2013 : 1st day “.

Oh,,, more one month have passed … 🙁

This is the breakfast of next morning of the trip.

Breakfast, Matsukawaya (Nasu kogen)


Those dishes were so-so. But I wasn’t satisfied with the breakfast.
Because…. there was no main dish ! Fish or meat !

I need fish or meat for white rice !
The plate on the tamagoyaki is just size for sliced fish. Why was small tamagoyaki on the plate ?

After eating breakfast, I walked around the hotel.

Small red shrine was in front of the hotel.

Red small shrine, Matsukawaya (Nasu kogen)


I found Onsen Jinja shrine (温泉神社), I regretted that I didn’t bring my goshuincho. But I dropped in at the shrine. I went up the long stairs.

Torii, Onsen Jinja shrine (Nasu kogen)


Name stone, Onsen Jinja shrine (Nasu kogen)


I looked my back. But still I had to keep going the stairs. Snow remained yet.
Left‐right symmetry… 🙂

Stairs, Onsen Jinja shrine (Nasu kogen)

振り返ってみた(・ω・´) ちょっと左右対称

Finally, chozuya welcomed me.

Chozuya, Onsen Jinja shrine (Nasu kogen)


Worship hall

Worship hall, Onsen Jinja shrine (Nasu kogen)


Sazare-ishi (Pebbles)
The notice said it is the stone of Japan’s national anthem.

Sazare stone, Nasu (Nasu kogen)


Sacred tree. Huge.

Famous tree in Nasu, Onsen Jinja shrine (Nasu kogen)


I wanted to go over there, but I couldn’t go because my shoes slipped on the snow.

Road, Onsen Jinja shrine (Nasu kogen)


After that I went back to the hotel and checked out in time for the bus to Nasu-shiobara station.
At one-night trip, the time pass very fast. I want to stay more long next time.

About Matsukawaya Nasu Kogen Hotel (松川屋那須高原ホテル)

Address / 252 Oaza Yumoto, Nasumachi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi
Station / Nasu Yumoto station (JR) * Free bus for the hotel available (reservation required)
Website / Japanese only)
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