Nasu Matsukawaya 2013 : 1st day

Dinner, Matsukawaya (Nasu Shiobara) TOCHIGI (Nasu etc)
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One night trip to Nasu onsen !

This is an article about my one-day trip to Nasushiobara with my mother to cure her wound.

She had a wine in the shinkansen.
She might to disinfect her internal before onsen…..:P
She said it was tasty 🙂

Shinkansen to Nasu Shiobara station with alcoholic drinks


We got to Nasushiobara station.

Appearance, Nasu Shiobara station (Nasu Shiobara)


I had expected that around Natushiobara station is urban place.
But far from urban, and there are nothing to be seen.  Empty !
There are no cafes and shops in the station, too. Ah, two old cafe were there. But we didn’t want to be into there.

We had much time until our bus came.
So I took my mobile phone and searched somewhere to have tea or coffee.
Then I found a nice cafe within 10 minutes walk from the station.

Actually, it took 15 minutes 😛

This is the cafe.

Cafe Roimu

Appearance, cafe Roimu (Nasu Shiobara)


I felt like wanting the pink teapot ! Those are ‘nanbu’ lacquer. Cute!

Interior, cafe Roimu (Nasu Shiobara)


Handmade ginger ale. (手作りジンジャーエール) 630 yen

Home made ginger ale, cafe Roimu (Nasu Shiobara)


Plenty of  real grated ginger was under the glass 😛 So spicy, but it tasted good.

My mother ordered a hot tea that is named “Ekaterina” (エカテリーナ, 682 yen). As I thought, the teapot is cute !

Ekaterina, cafe Roimu (Nasu Shiobara)


Thanks to the drink, though it was so cold day that day, but I never felt chill 🙂 Ginger have great power!

We spent time at the cafe until the time came, and then we went back to the station.
On arriving at the station,  our bus came.

It took near 90 minutes to our hotel from the station. It took more time than I had expected 🙁

Our hotel’s name was Matsukawaya.

Appearance, Matsukawaya (Nasu Shiobara)


Why did we go to the hotel ?

Of course, the hotel have good hotspring 😀

Entrance of bath room, Matsukawaya (Nasu Shiobara)


No one was there wehen I entered into the bath room.

Dressing room, Matsukawaya (Nasu Shiobara)


The indoor bath was filled with white onsen water !
This onsen water is sulfur spring 😀

bathtuba, Matsukawaya (Nasu Shiobara)


This hotel get famous onsen water from outside that is named “Shika-no-yu(鹿の湯).
This onsen water is the oldest discovored onsen water around Nasu.
Shika-no-yu means “deer’s water”.

Shikanoyu, Matsukawaya (Nasu Shiobara)


It is deprived that a deer soaked his body to healed his wound in ancient times.

Open-air bath, too.

Open-air bath, Matsukawaya (Nasu Shiobara)


Because the hotel is on a hill, the open-air bath commands a fine view 🙂

Our room. No.505

Our room 505, Matsukawaya (Nasu Shiobara)


View out of the window wasn’t good. But we understood because we took very inexpensive plan.

Room, Matsukawaya (Nasu Shiobara)


Our dinner was served in our room.  Though we took a inexpensive plan, as a while, tasted good, especially, sukiyaki. Though the meat was tough and chewy.

Dinner, Matsukawaya (Nasu Shiobara)


Certainly, this onsen was very nice, but Tamagoyu is No.1 for me !

About Cafe Roimu (カフェロイム)

Address / 1-13-13 Oharama Nishi, Nasu Shiobara-shi, Tochigi
Station / Nasu Yumoto station (JR)
Open / 10:00 – 18:30
Closed / Thursdays
Website / Japanese only)


About Matsukawaya Nasu Kogen Hotel (松川屋那須高原ホテル)

Address / 252 Oaza Yumoto, Nasumachi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi
Station / Nasu Yumoto station (JR) * Free bus for the hotel available (reservation required)
Website / Japanese only)
Reservation /



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