Narita : Hatsumode 2016

Worship hall, Naritasan Shinshoji temple (Narita) Chiba
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Naritasan in new year holidays

My mother and I went to Naritasan yesterday to do hatsumode.
Naritasan Shinshoji temple is among the shrines and temples that have the largest number of visitors during first three days of every years.

Actually, there were incredibly large number of people there !

There were long and wide lines 500m distant from the main gate. Visitors to the temple have to follow the line. And the road is one way when in New Years holidays. We can’t go back.

Promenade to Naritasan 1, Naritasan Shinshoji temple (Narita)


Promenade to Naritasan 2, Naritasan Shinshoji temple (Narita)


It took about one hour. Finally, we could get to the main gate.

Main gate, Naritasan Shinshoji temple (Narita)


Still the worship hall was far. It took further 30 minutes.

Far from the worship hall, Naritasan Shinshoji temple (Narita)


Final stairs to the worship hall !

Final Upstairs to the worship hall, Naritasan Shinshoji temple (Narita)


Finally, the worship hall could be seen ! Oh, my ! still far and lots of people !

Worship hall, Naritasan Shinshoji temple (Narita)


My mother took the smoke desperately 😛
But mom. The strong smoke came to the place where I was standing. I had cough. Come here 😛

smoke, Naritasan Shinshoji temple (Narita)


Finally, we could worship.

Pray, Naritasan Shinshoji temple (Narita)


Awful… it had still much people.

Awful line, Naritasan Shinshoji temple (Narita)


We drew a fortune and after that we went back to the station. My mother’s was excellent luck and mine was good luck. Mine was good luck last year, too ! 🙁 It’s tiresome results.

I always do hatsumode end of January or go to shrines or temples that don’t have much people.
Naritasan was great. I never want to go there again during first three days of the year, but I had seen such a seen on TV only and this experience was interesting 🙂

Many people do hatsumode at same temple or shrine every year. But I don’t decide a certain place.
Last year (2015) was at Inage Sengen Jinja shrine

And 2014 was at Funabashi Daijingu shrine

We ate ramen in front of Narita station before going to Naritasan.
The ramen shop is said to be one of the best ramen shop in Narita. Menya Fukuichi

Appearance, Menya Fukuichi (Narita)


Why I add about it after Naritasan ?
Because… It wasn’t good. The soup was not bad.
But, I hated their noodles like plastic 🙁

Of course, as I now said, it is one of the best ramen shop in Narita and family in front of us was satisfied with their ramen.
I want to think our ramen was just especially bad.

Appearance, Menya Fukuichi (Narita)


About Naritasan Shinshoji temple (成田山新勝寺)

Address / 1 Narita, Narita-shi, Chiba
Station / Narita station (JR), Keisei Narita station (Keisei main line)
Website / (in English, Chinese and Korean)


About Menya Fukuichi (麺や福一)

Address / 846-15 Hanasakicho, Narita-shi, Chiba
Station / Narita station (JR), Keisei Narita station (Keisei main line)
Open / 11:30 – 14:00, 18:30 – 21:00
Saturdays and national holidays / 12:00 – 14:30
Closed / Sundays, Mondays



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