Visiting Narashino Shichifukujin 2012 (3/7) : Jiganji / Daikokuten

Daikokuten, Jigan-ji, Narashino Shichifukujin (tsudanuma) Chiba
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Jiganji is in the residential district of Tsudanuma

I reached Tsudanuma, and went toward Jigan-ji at first. Because, this temple is located different direction from other three temple.

Gate, Jiganji temple (Tsudanuma)


Religious school: the Buzan school of Shingon Buddhism.
The temple’s principal image is the Sacred Avalokitesvara.

Entrance, Jiganji temple (Tsudanuma)


Memorial stone.

Memorial stone, Jiganji temple (Tsudanuma)



Tomb, Jiganji temple (Tsudanuma)

Bodhisattva. bright…

Jizo, Jiganji temple (Tsudanuma)


Maybe this is worship hall. But there are no offertory box.
There is an ink pad on the right side of a staircase.

Worship hall, Jiganji temple (Tsudanuma)


Wooden board. I feel historical air. 🙂 Pronounced “Horaisan”. This temple’s title.
The reason that I like to visit temples and shrines is to take pictures of that tablets.

Horaizan, Jiganji temple (Tsudanuma)


The late Sajibe Ito Shotokuhi’s (Sajibe Ito was a headman of around here)

Late Sajibe Ito's memorial stone, Jiganji temple (Tsudanuma)


And here,,,,,I couldn’t open the door because bench is here….
This means “Do not open.”. maybe. Oh, ok, ok.
Probably this bench can be move, but I didn’t.

Daikokuten is here, Jiganji temple (Tsudanuma)


But let’s through a gap. 😛

Daikokuten, Jigan-ji, Narashino Shichifukujin (tsudanuma)


I wonder what kinds of trees is this ?

Some objects, Jiganji temple (Tsudanuma)


I missed to see rokujizo.

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About Jiganji temple (慈眼寺)

Address / 3-6-30 Saginuma, Narashino-shi, Chiba
Station / Keisei Tsudanuma station (Keisei main line)



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