Keisei Okubo : Plum blossoms at Narashino Bairinen 2016 (習志野梅林園)

Pink, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo) Chiba
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Spring has come !

It is getting warmer and warmer, and plum blossoms near my house is in bloom now 🙂

Started to bloom, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


Bairin park is located 20 minutes walk from Keisei Okubo station.

White, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


I visit there every year for seeing plum blossoms.
Though I used to visit Yushima and Kameido to see plum blossoms, since I knew this park, I enjoy plum blossoms at this park every year 🙂

Kameido, Sengakuji : Kameidoten Jinja, Katori Jinja and Sengakuji
Plum blossoms are now their best ! I went o Kameidoten Jinja shrine the other day. I went to there for visiting templ...


I didn’t post about it 🙁



I wanted to see White-eye that come to the park in this season every year. But I heard they’ go to somewhere during daytime.
Because there are many people during plum blossoms season in the daytime. I’ll try to visit there early in the morning next year.

Though it is not large park, there are many plum trees. Red, pink and white plum blossoms are beautiful.

Red, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


White1, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


White2, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)

Yellow, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)

Pink, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)

There’s yard surrounded by plum trees and it is in residential district. So, there’s family who enjoy playing catch 🙂

Whole park, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


About Narashino bairinen (Narashino Ume grove park, 習志野梅林園)

Address / 4-4 Saginumadai, narashino-shi, Chiba
Station / Keisei-Okubo station (Keisei main line)



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