Keisei Okubo : Narashino plum grove park 2012

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Spring coming soon though it is still cold !

Last year, I heard there is a good park named Narashino Bairinen (bairinen means plum grove park) that have much plum trees near my house after flowers fell. 🙁
I was disappointed a bit. So, This year, ume season has set in. So, I went to there sunday.
This year, I couldn’t see wintersweet.Because it is very cold this winter ,so it bloomed too late.

In fact, I went to there before half a month.
I thought it’s good time for see ume blossom.

Well, these are the picture on that day :).

Half month ago1, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


Half month ago2, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


It is really too late that ume flowers have bloomed this year.

Many ume flowers are blooming! Whee! 😀
There are about 200 ume trees in this small park.

Plum blossoms1, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


Plum blossoms3, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


This pink flower to attract notice. this deep pink flower.
What flower most draw my attention is this pink.

Plum blossoms2, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


There are pale pink flowers, too.
It’s cute 😀

Plum blossoms8, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


Plum blossoms9, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


Plum blossoms10, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)

Sure, there are white, too.

Plum blossoms6, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


Wow! Much white flowers !!!

Plum blossoms5, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


The tree still had many buds.

Plum blossoms4, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


Beautiful 😀

Plum blossoms11, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


Mottled flowers of pink and white.

Plum blossoms12, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


There are some trees not blooming yet.

Plum blossoms7, Narashino Bairinen (Keisei Okubo)


I think these ume will be full bloom next weekend.

About Narashino bairinen (Narashino Ume grove park, 習志野梅林園)

Address / 4-4 Saginumadai, narashino-shi, Chiba
Station / Keisei-Okubo station (Keisei main line)




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