Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn, the 3rd day, Yoshino-kuzu and Osaka.

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After getting out from Todaiji temple, I went toward the accommodation to pick up my baggage.
I happened to pass by Tenkyokudo(天極堂) that is so famous as Yoshino-kuzu before the day.
So I was deciding to drop in at the shop after Todaiji temple without fail.

Yoshino Honkuzu Tenkyokudo(吉野本葛天極堂)
Appearance of Tenkyokudo
Because the first floor was full, I was ushered into the upstairs. There was no guests yet.
Upstairs of Tenkyokudo
I had such a fine scenery to myself for a while 🙂
Beautiful view
I ordered a “Yama-no-sachi don”. It is foods of the mountains bowl. (Only 15 bowls per a day)
Clear soup and boiled hijiki with soy sauce, and Naraduke.Naraduke is pickled vegetables in sake. I hate it (T.T)

*Yama-no-sachi don(山の幸丼) 840 yen
Yama-no-sachi don is the rice covered with grated yam and Yoshino kuzu.
Yama-no-sachi don
There were some small pieces of conger eel in the rice. I wanted to eat more big pieces 😛 Ume paste and yuzu pepper, yuzu peel and mizuna made the dish more taste.Especially, sharp taste of the yuzu peel went with grated yam well.
Small pieces of conger eel were hiden

*Warabi-mochi(わらびもち) 525 yen
“Warabi” powder 100% 😀 It was still warm when it was served. I could cut it by chopsticks. I couldn’t forget the texture !

After that, I went to my accommodation to pick up my baggage and I went to Kintetsu Nara station. And I went toward Osaka-jo Castle Park on the train.

To my disappointment, there are not many lockers in Osaka-jo Park station. I couldn’t keep my baggabe in the locker 🙁

Osaka-jo castle park (大阪城公園)

Osaka-jo castle
Osaka-jo Castle stands a rising ground.
Osaka-jo castle
A lot of Santa Clause got out from the gate. They were running. Marathon events ?
Santa claus got out of the gate of castle

This is the Osaka-jo Castle(大阪城)
I had a big baggage, so I gave up to enter the architecture. And I was exhausted to go up to there.
Osaka-jo castle
Then I went to eat kushiage that is Osaka specialty.
Kushiage is deep fried foods on skewer. My longing foods 🙂
Asparagus, sillaginoid, onion, quail’s egg…. everything was good !
(But I couldn’t take those picture. Why ? Because I was scarced an older chef’s face…he seemed to be so difficult. But he gave me his smile just once 🙂

Kushikatsu Yakko (串かつ やっこ)

Signboard of Yakko
I know the sight by TV 😀

Tsutenkaku (通天閣)

Tsutenkaku Tower
My first Osaka was very short time but interesting.I do want to visit again soon.

That’s all about my trip to Nara 2012 Autumn.


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    So beautiful! The mochi looks so delicious. I really want to visit Osaka someday:)

    • Ryoko says:

      Well, real warabi-mochi is differ from fake. Maybe I hadn’t eaten real warabi-mochi ever. If you want to eat real warabi-mochi, you’d be better to eat at specialty shop that use “warabi” powder .

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