Nara 2012 : Todaiji temple and Nara park (東大寺, 奈良公園)

Fallen leaves closer, Nara Park (Nara) NARA
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Deer and autumn leaves.

After checking out from my accommodation ,

I went toward Nara Park.

But I reached at the back gate of Todaiji temple by mistake. I took the wrong way.
I intended to go to Todaiji temple in any case, so there was no problem, though I wanted to enter Todaiji temple from main gate 😛

Autumn leaves1, Todaiji temple (Nara)


Yellow carpet.

Yellow carpet, Nara park (Nara)


Fallen leaves closer, Nara Park (Nara)

Fallen leaves, Nara Park (Nara)


Daibutsu-den (Main worship hall)

Worship hall1, Todaiji temple (Nara)


Worship hall2, Todaiji temple (Nara)


Todaiji temple has vast grounds. Though I went to there so early in the morning, but there were already lots of people as you see.

Daibutsu-den. Entrance fee is 500 yen. It was early in the morning yet, but there were already a lot of tourist groups in the hall 🙂

Main hall, Todaiji temple (Nara)


Nara no Daibutsu. So huge :O

Nara-no-Daibutsu, Todaiji temple (Nara)


It is said that if you pass through the hole, happiness will come to you. I didn’t do because it seemed I couldn’t pass through the hole… The hole is so small.

Hole for happiness, Todaiji temple (Nara)


I could see fine view from top of the stairs.

View, Todaiji temple (Nara)


Bell tower.

Bell tower, Todaiji temple (Nara)


To my sad, I couldn’t see Shosoin Treasure House (正倉院) because of its under repair.

Deer was everywhere 🙂

Fighting ? They gave a butt each other again and again.

Quarrel, Todaiji temple (Nara)
He was relaxing on the lawn.

Deer, Todaiji temple (Nara)

Lots of deer, Todaiji temple (Nara)

He took slow strolls around the pond by himself.
Some red leaves made the scene more scenic.

Deer and water, Todaiji temple (Nara)

Smaller might be a child 🙂

Deer family, Todaiji temple (Nara)
I got out from main gate.

Main gate, Todaiji temple (Nara)

Still, I couldn’t find a borderline between Todaiji temple and Nara park.
I might not have been to Nara park…Oh, well 🙂

After that, I went to eat warabi-mochi.

Well, I bought a socks at a souvenir shop in the Todaiji temple. Wondering what does Kitty pray for. 😀

Socks of hello kitty, Todaiji temple (Nara)

About Todaiji temple (東大寺)

Address / 406-1 Zoushi-cho, Nara-shi, Nara
Station / Kintetsu Nara station (Kintetsu railway), Nara station (JR)
Website / English)


About Nara park (奈良公園)

Address / 30 Nobori-Oji-machi, Nara-shi, Nara
Station / Kintetsu Nara station (Kintetsu railway), Nara station (JR)
Website / Japanese only)



  1. Very nice pictures. Bring back good memory of my visit 🙂

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