Nagano 2013 for seeing Yonako great falls 2/3 (米子大瀑布)

Maple leaves, Yonako Sulfur mine, yonako great falls 2013 (Suzaka) NAGANO (Suzaka etc)
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Finally Yonako great falls in my sight !

I intended to eat out for night meal, but a soba restaurant was fully reserved, and hamburger steak restaurant was full. So I gave up eating outside and I went to convenience store to buy sandwiches or onigiri, but everything was sold out ! (>_<)
So,,, I bought a instant noodles and karaage at Lawson and ate them in my accommodation 🙁

Next morning, my bus leaving time was 10 a.m., so I took a walk around Suzaka station.

View of kuramachi (Suzaka)


Suzaka have many shops that sell oyaki from morning, so I bought oyaki for breakfast 🙂

Tamabayashi Mochi-ten (玉林餅店)

Appearance, Tamabayashi-Mochi-ten (Suzaka)


Leek Oyaki (にらおやき, 110 yen)

Nira-Oyaki, Tamabayashi-Mochi-ten (Suzaka)


Tamabayashi Mochi-ten sells oyaki from 9 a.m.
I ate it in the park and then went back to my accommodation.

Then I went to my longing Yonako Great Falls.
Paid shuttle bus is operated to Yonago of the Great Falls parking lot from “Yukkurando” for traffic control Saturday, Sunday and holidays in October. Yukkurando is onsen facility.
We can arrive at the falls only by cars and I don’t have driver’s license. So I was waiting the season 🙂

So, at first, I took a Nagaden bus to Yukkurando and then changed the paid shuttle bus.

Arrived at the entrance of mountain trail !

Entrance to Yonako great falls


At first, I walked to remains of Yonako Sulfur Mine.
After 30 minutes walk, the landscape unrolled.

Road to Yonako sulfur mine (Suzaka)


And, Yonako Great Falls is over against me.

Yonako great falls from Yonako sulfur mine (Suzaka)


It is hard to understand because of against the sun, but there are two falls each of the left and the right.
Yonako Great Falls is consists of the two falls. Right is Fudodaki fall and left is Gongendaki fall.
One of the waterfall 100 selections of Japanese.
It is too far from remains of  Yonako Sulfur Mine than I had expected 🙁
I felt slightly disappointment…

Monument of Yonako great falls (Suzaka)


More attracted me than those falls was clear and fine fiew !!

Maple leaves, Yonako Sulfur mine, yonako great falls 2013 (Suzaka)


So good view ! An unobstructed view !!!!

The maple-leaves turned crimson.

Maple leaves1, Yonako great falls (Suzaka)


Maple leaves2, Yonako great falls (Suzaka)


But I wanted to see those falls from closer all the same and I went to near the falls.

It is Gongendaki falls.

Gongen falls, Yonako great falls (Suzaka)


And it is Fudodaki falls.

Fudo falls, Yonako great falls (Suzaka)


I could see the rainbow 🙂 I felt cool near fall all the same.

After that, I went gown to the entrance of mountain trail and went back to Yukkurando by shuttle bus.
I decided to take a onsen bath and eat night meal at Yukkurando.

About Tamabayashi Mochi-ten (玉林餅店)

Address / 184 Nakacho, Suzaka-shi, Nagano
Station / Suzaka station (Nagano dentetsu)
Open / 8:00 – 18:00



  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    What a shame regarding your night out. The falls are beautiful, you still got such nice weather in Japan?

  2. Ryoko says:

    We couldn’t have Autumn-like weather this year. Hot continued long and it has suddenly got cold. Many people around me caught cold.
    But still leaves turned red same this year as usual 🙂

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