My stock of sheet masks

Sabopuru BEAUTY

How often do you use sheet mask ?
My friend use a sheet mask every day. Sometimes she use two sheet masks – morning and night.

I tried to use sheet mask very frequently like her, and I bought much sheet masks.
Korean sheet masks are so inexpensive, so I bought them by mail order.
Almost all sheet masks that I bought was Korean’s. There are over 200 sheet masks in the box. Nevertheless I have only one face! :O

My stocks of sheet masks

I don’t like a shape of Korean sheet masks because these are so strange.
Large face, large forehead or small forehead.
These doesn’t seem to be made for human’s face 🙁
I haven’t seen women whose face fit the masks.

I always cut the mask over put on my face.
I try to use sheet mask once a week as possible.
But when I put on a sheet mask, I can’t move.
I always keep still on the sofa.
I can’t believe there are people who can reading or cooking while putting on sheet mask.
So, it is hard for me to use sheet mask every day 🙁
To tell the truth, I have so dry face, so I should use sheet mask every day.

Today, I used it. BEAUTY FRIENDS have the strangest shapes, I have ever used. Far the most 😛
What is green tea ??? Smells? Or ingredients ? I can’t understand !
Beauty friends sheet masks
Dermal have good shapes, I think.

Speaking of dried face, I got some samples of new cosme products.

Hydration water and hydration serum.
It is very good for me 🙂
Thanks to this lotion and serum, my skin keep moist.
The lotion is like pure water. I like the texture. I hate sticky texture.
These have cactus extract in it. This productor says cactus can keep skin moisture.
But I was anxious about these price. I thought these are expensive.

But! it is very inexpensive!
Lotion is 1470 yen (150ml) and serum is 1890 yen (50 ml)

I’m sure to use it next 🙂


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