Pirate Kitchen (Funabashi)

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The other day I went to Funabashi to have lunch.
At first, I wanted to eat raw tuna at “Maguro-ichi (まぐろ市)”. It is a izakaya. The izakaya serves raw fishes bowl at lunch. But to my regret, the izakaya didn’t opened on that day.

So I wandered aimlessly around Funabashi Keisei station.

Then I remembered the bar that I had wanted to go and I went into Funabashi keisei station building.
The bar’s name is “Kaizoku no Daidokoro (海賊の台所)”.
It means Pirate Kitchen.
Well, the bar serves some countries’ dishes like pirate ship cuisine.
(Though I didn’t eat pirate ship cuisine 😛 )

I saw a Tapas plate. (1000 yen)
I saw this blackboard at the entrance. “Today’s Tapas plate”
I like eating several foods. So I decided to order it.

*Smoked salmon
*Herbed chicken steak
*Potato salads
*Bacon omelet
*Penne with Meat Sauce
*Green Salads

At first, baguette and soup came.

After 15 minutes or more, Tapas plate came 🙂
It took much time than I expected. Chicken was freshly grilled.
Rich colors !

Each foods were not large, but everything was good and my stomach got full 🙂
Especially, the chicken steak was good. It had a good smell of herbs and it was juicy.

After eating, I drunk a cup of coffee.

I thought it was inexpensive.

Funabashi branch of Kaizoku no Daidokor.

Well, autumn is really here.
The cosmoses are in full bloom 🙂

I like cosmos best in all kinds of flowers when I was a child.
So seeing cosmos remind me of my childhood.


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