Naguri : Mt.Warabi and Sawarabi-no-yu

Appearance, Sawarabi-no-yu (Naguri) Hiking
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Mt.Warabi is not easy to go up 🙁

Perhaps the week before last, I went to hike at Mt.Warabi in Samtama to view the scarlet maple leaves there without taking it too seriously (^^).
Mt.Warabi is located in Hanno city (Not Warabi city).

…it isn’t a place to go with light heart … X(

It took about 1 hour by bus from Hanno station to Naguri bus stop.

Started to climb mountain from here.
Warabiiri bridge across the Naguri River.(Bear haunt!)

Bridge in front of the mountain road, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)


Bridge across Naguri river, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)

Warabiiri bridge across Naguri river, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)


Naguri river, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)


Mountain trail.

Start of the road, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)


Mountain stream, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)

Next picture I took is …
Top of Mt.warabi
(I couldn’t afford to take picture.)

Sign of Mt.Warabi, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)


There were some precarious foothold.
Very slipping.
There were some craggy places, too.
There were no autumn leaves. Already fell.

I returned on the way again and again.

Well, I managed to reach the top of the Mt.Warabi,
OK, let’s climb down.


There was a incredible steep downward slope.
(I should have taken that picture:()

I thought “How do I go gown?”.but I can’t find a family they go down before me.
It seems it’s enable to climb down…

I went down like slipping.

At last, there were autumn leaves.

Maple leaves, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)


Lots of maple leaves, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)

Fine view once in a while.

View of around Mt.Fujidana, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)


View on the way to Mt.Warabi, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)

After a while, I got to Mt.Fujidana.

Sign of Mt.Fujidana, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)


I reached Oyoke no atama. (Atama means head in English) (771m)
Oyoke no atama and head of Child.

Sign of Oyokenoatama, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)


ruins of a Konpira Jinja shrine

Konpira jinja shrine ruin (Naguri)


Here is ruins of a Konpira Shrine….Is this objet d’art?

Wooden object ,Konpira jinja shrine ruin (Naguri)


Japanese pampas grass

Japanese pampas grass  nearby, Sawarabi-no-yu (Naguri)


Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves, Mt.Warabi (Naguri)

Fallen leaves, Mt.Warabi(Naguri)


Maple, Mt.Warabi (Naguri)

Anyhow, I could climb down.

Later, I went to onsen facility named Sawarabinoyu
Dressing room doesn’t have enough space to accept custom.
There were too many mountain climbers.

Appearance, Sawarabi-no-yu (Naguri)


Cherry blossoms!!
It is ctober cherry blossoms. October cherry blossoms bloom between october to december,and march around there.

October cherry blossoms nearby, Sawarabi-no-yu (Naguri)


Cherry blossoms nearby, Sawarabi-no-yu (Naguri)


Autumn leaves behind cherry blossoms and japanese pampas grass .

Japanese pampas grass and cherry blossoms  nearby, Sawarabi-no-yu (Naguri)


Many autumn leaves fell, but I’m happy to see cherry blossoms.
I’m thankful to haven’t returned.

日本, 埼玉県飯能市上名栗 蕨山


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