Motoyawata : Innards meat at Motsuyaki center

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Fresh offal directly from factory

I’m suffering summer heat now. I have to get more energy !
This is not a time for eating fishes ! Meat. Meat, Meat !!!

Motsuyaki center Motoyawata Kitaguchi (Northern gate) branch

Appearance, Kushiyaki Yokocho Motsuyaki Center Motoyawata branch (Motoyawata)


(Of course, I’ll have fishes, too)

This is the izakaya that I had wanted to visit for a long time.
This shop serves high quality innards of pig, chicken and beef at lower price because they run meat processing factory.
We can eat meat that come directly from their factory 🙂
Motsuyaki means grilled innards in Japanese.

There are many branches of this company around Metropolitan area.

We ordered drinks at first. Then, our drinks were served with otoshi.
My drink was White sour(白いサワー, 390 yen).
Otoshi was fresh cabbage.
Cabbage is standard otoshi for inexpensive izakaya that serve fatty foods mainly.
We can eat much cabbage as we like here, too.

Sour and otoshi, Kushiyaki Yokocho Motsuyaki Center Motoyawata branch (Motoyawata)


Stewed innards(煮込み, 330 yen). As you see from this photo, it was rather lighter tastes.
Their yakiton is very fatty, so such a light stewed innards is good for us 🙂

Nikomi, Kushiyaki Yokocho Motsuyaki Center Motoyawata branch (Motoyawata)


Bakuniku Yoton special (爆肉養豚スペシャル)
“Yoton” means pig breeding in Japanese and “Bakuniku” is … umm… great meat ?
I don’t know why they named such a name 😛
Maybe they want to show it’s great meat anyway.
Certainly it was rather juicy and chewy. I like it.

Bakuniku Yoton special 2 pieces, Kushiyaki Yokocho Motsuyaki Center Motoyawata branch (Motoyawata)


Chef’s choice of yakiton 3 pieces (おまかせ焼きとん3本, 300 yen). Pig’s liver, heart and small intestine.

Chef's choice of grilled meats 3 pieces, Kushiyaki Yokocho Motsuyaki Center Motoyawata branch (Motoyawata)


This shop’s specialty ! Super horumon roll (スーパーホルモンロール, 120 yen) !
One had yolk (+60 yen)
Those were fat itself ! But delicious ! But fat attacked me !

Super horumon roll, Kushiyaki Yokocho Motsuyaki Center Motoyawata branch (Motoyawata)


Deep fried liver (レバーフライ, 380 yen)
Those deep fried liver were dressed with plenty of vinegar. So, it was sour, but tasty. Thanks to the vinegar, there was no bad smells and the livers were soft.
I know there’s a lady who eat it up by herself. But certainly it was delicious enough to eat it up.
If I don’t eat anything else but rise and super horumon roll, I’ll be able to eat it up, too 🙂

Deep fried liver, Kushiyaki Yokocho Motsuyaki Center Motoyawata branch (Motoyawata)


Well, this izakaya is far better than expected.For me, I want to go there at earlier time and order deep fried liver and rice as dinner 🙂 And after that, I want to go to my favorite bar along the street 😉

About Motsuyaki center Motoyawata kitaguchi branch (もつ焼きセンター本八幡北口店)

Address / 2-15-17 Yawata, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Station / Motoyawta station (JR, Toei subway), Keisei Yawata station (Keisei main line)
Open / 17:00 – 25:00
Closed / No cheduled




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    I love motsuyaki! Ah I wish I was in Japan right now so I could eat some.

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