Hojicha parfait (Ningyocho)

Houjicha parfait1, Morinoen (Ningyocho) CITY GUIDE
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I had something to do at Ningyocho the other day, and I dropped in at the shop to took a rest.

Apperance, Morinoen (Ningyocho)
It is karaoke box. But the ground floor is cafe.
Morinoen itself is tea shop and popular as hojicha.

You can eat the sweets made by the hojicha and green tea at the cafe space.
There is a main shop at some little distance from this shop.
To tell the truth, I made a mistake and thought that the ground floor is main shop 😛

I ordered a parfait.

*Small hojicha parfait (ほうじちゃパフェ小) 780 yen
Houjicha parfait1, Morinoen (Ningyocho)
It is more anmitsu in a parfait glass than parfait.

Houjicha parfait2, Morinoen (Ningyocho)
Hojicha cream and hojicha ice cream.
Frankly speaking, I want it less sweetness. But those have good flavor of hojicha 🙂

You can eat those sweets in the karaoke room, too (^^)

Morinoen (森乃園)
2-10-11 Nihonbashi-Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 12:00 to 26:00
Fridays, Saturdays and before day of national holidays – from 12:00 to 29:00
Sundays and national holidays – from 12:00 to 24:00
Holidays – No holidays
HP – http://morinoen.jp/
(in Japanese only)


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