Ichikawa : Valuable yakiniku spot (焼肉 紋次郎)

Assorted higher quality beef 2, Yakiniku Monjiro (Ichikawa) Chiba
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Monjiro will be our regular yakiniku spot !

We went to yakiniku restaurant that is recommended by our acquaintance.
We heard it has been his favorite yakiniku spot since he had lived there before


Appearance, Yakiniku Monjiro (Ichikawa)


It is under the ground of the small building and it seems to be an old family restaurant.
The sofas and the walls were broken partially. I was a little anxious.

But there was no problem about yakiniku !

There are large variety of meal sets from 980 yen to 3000 yen.
All-you-can-eat as 3500 yen. And gorgeous assorted Wagyu !

My acquaintance said there are valuable set menus and it’s good for yakiniku by one person.

We were two and ordered a five parts of higher quality beef set (suitable for 3 or 4 person :P)
And lightly grilled yukhoe and beaten egg soup. Plus free refills of drinks (203 yen)

Five rare parts of higher quality beef (上物5種盛り合わせ, 7344 yen)

Assorted higher quality beef, Yakiniku Monjiro (Ichikawa)


There are names of their parts on each papers.Chuck flap, diaphragm, chuck rib, top round and ribeye roll.

Assorted higher quality beef 2, Yakiniku Monjiro (Ichikawa)


And Korean lettuce came.

Leaves, Yakiniku Monjiro (Ichikawa)


Yakiniku and Korean lettuce. Yes. We did it.

Rolling !, Yakiniku Monjiro (Ichikawa)


Lightly grilled yukhoe (レアステーキユッケ, 1080 yen)

Lightly grilled Yukke, Yakiniku Monjiro (Ichikawa)


They grill yukhoe and beef liver because of law ? But this yukhoe didn’t seem to be grilled. Perhaps they remove the surface after grilling 😛
Ah, yukhoe. So yummy.

Beaten egg soup (玉子スープ, 410 yen)

Beaten egg soup, Yakiniku Monjiro (Ichikawa)


This light taste soup made our mouth refresh 🙂

I like this restaurant and I also want to go there by myself when I want to eat yakiniku 😛

About Yakiniku restaurant Monjiro (焼肉レストラン 紋次郎)

Address / Akio Building B1F, 1-9-1 Ichikawa, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Station / Ichikawa station (JR)
Open / 16:00 – 24:30
Closed / No scheduled



  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    The meat looks amazing! I really want to go there next time I visit Tokyo:)

    • Ryoko says:

      Though the menu says this is good for three or four people, I think it is just for three people and should order another meat separately.
      So fatty meats are certainly tasty, but it’s too fat for two people. But four people won’t be able to be satisfied in its amount 🙂

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