(Moved) Bakuro-Yokoyama : Miyakozushi in summer 2/2 (都寿司)

Kuruma prawn, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama) Tokyo
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Notice : Miyakozushi quit their business at the place of Bakuro-Yokoyama at the end of September and will be open at Nihonbashi-Kakigaracho with the name “Nihonbashi-Kakegaracho Sugita” in October. (1st, August, 2015)

Sequal to a happines

It’s a sequel of the post about  Miyakozushi😀

So, it’s time for sushi !
At Miyakozushi, we don’t need any soy sauce for sushi because those are already seasoned 🙂
Those are already perfected !

At first, Vinegared young punctatus (コハダ).

Young punctatus, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
I don’t like vinegared young punctaus, but it was not strong vinegared, so, I liked it.

Red sea bream (真鯛)

Red sea bream from Yahatahama of Ehime, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


From Yahatahama of Ehime.It had springy texture and tasted good.

Young red sea bream (春子鯛)

Evynnis japonica - Kasugo, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


The sourness and salt was well balanced.

Grilled splendid alfonsino (金目鯛の炙り)

Grilled splendid alfonsino,Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)
Mustard on it.  Its skin was fired, and its burnt smell added more flavor 🙂

Bonito (かつお)

Bonito, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


From Katsuura of Chiba. Its skin was also fired. It tasted like O-toro 🙂

Heart clam (鳥貝)

Heart clam, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


This was the first time to eat heart clam as raw, but I couldn’t like it 😛
I heard that heart clam isn’t good this year as a whole.

Chu-toro of Pacific bluefin tuna (本まぐろの中トロ)

Chu-toro of Pacific bluefin tuna, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


From Kisyu Katsuura of Wakayama caught by fixed net.The degrees of fat was best !

Purple sea urchin (紫うに)

Purple sea urchin from Aomori, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


Wow, we can’t see rice ! Rice was completely coverd with purple sea urchin from Aomori 🙂

Horse mackerel (アジ)

Horse mackerel from Sakai minato, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


From Sakai-minato. It’s texture wasn’t like horse mackerel, so smooth and thick. I had a second helping later 🙂

Kuruma prawn (車海老)

Kuruma prawn, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


The kuruma prawn was still warm. And the degrees of the temperature was just for me and I could feel the taste of the brown meat at the temperature better.

Boiled conger eel with salt (煮穴子・塩)

Boiled conger eel with salt, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


We can choice the seasoning from sauce and salted. I choiced salted one. Salted, it had yuzu peel on it.

Tamagoyaki (玉子焼き)

Tamagoyaki, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


It tasted like sponge cake. It’s more dessert than meal ! 😉

Last, Miso soup with asari clam (あさりのみそ汁)

Miso soup with asari clam, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


It had plenty of taste of asari clam !

About Miyakozushi (都寿司)

Address / Okuda Bldg 1F, 3-1-3 Higashi-Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Bakuro-Yokoyama station (Toei subway)
Open / 17:30 – 22:00
Saturdays / 17:00 – 22:00
Sundays and national holidays / 12:00 – 13:00, 13:30 – 15:30, 17:00 – 21:00
Closed / Mondays



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