(Moved) Bakuro-Yokoyama : Miyakozushi in summer 1/2 (都寿司)

hen clam from Notsuke of Hokkaido, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama) Tokyo
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Notice : Miyakozushi quit their business at the place of Bakuro-Yokoyama at the end of September and will be open at Nihonbashi-Kakigaracho with the name “Nihonbashi-Kakegaracho Sugita” in October. (1st, August, 2015)

Sumemr tastes at Miyakozushi to the full

We had dinner at Miyakozushi that became too popular to make reservation …..

Entrance, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


I was very glad that I could go there again. Last time, I was very nervous because I hadn’t been to such a fancy sushi restaurant ever.
But to my sorrow, I wasn’t satisfied with many of their foods. My friends said I should go there again and I was unlucky that time.

It was Saturday, and around Bakurocho on Saturdays evening have few people and it seems a ghost town because Bakurocho is business district.
But people gathered there, Miyakozushi around 5:00 p.m.
As soon as it was open, the restaurant became full. Of course, everyone took reservation in advance.

Their chef’s choice price increased to 15000 yen because of increased taxation.
So, I expected that magnification of reservation is going to be lower, but I found the price increasing didn’t affect their popularity at all.

At first, we ordered our drinks. August beer (アウグスビール). And boiled Hosta montana.

August beer and boiled Hosta montana, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


This beer was easy to drink. It had less bitterness. I examined if there are another restaurants that serve this beer.
I found there is directory-managed store of August beer in Roppongi.
Well, I have lots of photos about the dinner, so, I’ll divide by two article this time.

Pacific gaper from Aichi and Marbled sole from Tokyo (愛知のミル貝と東京湾のマコガレイ)

Pacific gaper from Aichi and marbled sole from Tokyo, Miyakozushi (Bakuro Yokoyama)


Marinated firefly squid with miso (蛍烏賊の味噌漬け)

Marinated firefly squid with miso, Miyakozushi (Bakuro Yokoyama)


I ordered it last time, too. It was really tasty. I felt thicker taste of brown meat of firefly squid by miso.

Mantis shrimp with eggs (子持ちシャコ)

Mantis shrimp with eggs, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


Pandalopsiss brown meat and red sea urchin from Karatsu (シマエビの味噌と、唐津の赤ウニ)

Pandalopsis's brown meat and Red sea urchin from Karatsu, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


My friend ordered Japanese sake. Well, those exactly go with Japanese sake !

And Grilled Spanish mackerel with salt (鰆の塩焼き).

Grilled Spanish mackerel with salt, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)

I felt like eating more, and I ordered hen clam (青柳)

hen clam from Notsuke of Hokkaido, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


Gari came

Gari, Miyakozushi (Bakuro-Yokoyama)


Well, it’s time to eat sushi !!!

The sequel of this post is here.

About Miyakozushi (都寿司)

Address / Okuda Bldg 1F, 3-1-3 Higashi-Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Bakuro-Yokoyama station (Toei subway)
Open / 17:30 – 22:00
Saturdays / 17:00 – 22:00
Sundays and national holidays / 12:00 – 13:00, 13:30 – 15:30, 17:00 – 21:00
Closed / Mondays



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