Mitake, Yakiniku (Keisei-Okubo)

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I went to grilled meat restaurant for the first time in a while.
With my mother.

Although I say, the restaurant is close by my house.
The restauran’s name is “Sumibi yakiniku MITAKE”
I often go there because it is close by.

I felt warm in front of charcoal grill machine. Therefore,like bonfire.
We ordered lunch set etc.

There were no liver, so we ordered salty beef tongue and diaphragm (single serving)

It is a beefribs set.

The set include namul, kimuchi, soup and rice.

Two kinds of dressing.

Well,I like put this spicy soy sauce dressing into the soup. It’s good.

Salty beef tongue.

It tasted soft. And it could be grilled soon because it is thin.
I missed taking the picture of diaphragm. My mother let them being over a fire quickly.

Coffee after the meal. It is included in the lunch set, too :D.


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