Takinoi : Natural onsen at Midorinoyu Takinoi branch

Foot bath, Midorinoyu Takinoi branch (Takinoi) Chiba
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“I feel my hair rough !”

Because I couldn’t stand my heavy neckache and omalgia ,I went to take an onsen bath today.

Midorinoyu takinoi branch

Appearance, Midorinoyu Takinoi branch (Takinoi)


Yes, this is near my house 😀

Ashiyu (foot bath).
I had never seen that anyone take the foot bath.
It is badly situated. (by the entrance :()

Foot bath, Midorinoyu Takinoi branch (Takinoi)


I was here for about three hours, so I got a little better.
I attatched my body to stone of bed at lying bath for a long time ,like stone sauna. 😛


I felt my head itchy and I touched my hair,,,

I feel my hair rough !

I couldn’t believe 🙁

S, Salt !??

* This onsen have much salt.

Well, steam attacked my head from under the pillow when I took lying bath 🙁

I have to wash my hair again.

Still it is cold !
I think I’m going to catch a cold. Ummm. I also think I already catch.

About Midorinoyu Takinoi branch (みどりの湯 田喜野井店)

Address / 6-24-10 Takinoi, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Station / Yakuendai station (Shin-Keisei line)
Pick up bus / In front of Aeon Tsudanuma branch, Shin-keisei Kita-Narashino station, In front of Maruetsu Keisei Okubo station
Open / 9:00 – 25:00
Closed /No scheduled
Website / http://park18.wakwak.com/~midorinoyu/takinoi-index.html (in japanese only)



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