Mentaiko bowl (Kachidoki)

Mentaiko bowl, Ikenoya (Kachidoki) CITY GUIDE
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When I feel like eating fish outside on workdays lunchtime, I remember the shop that is named Ikenoya

Tsukiji is good. But sometimes I don’t feel like going to Tsukiji at lunchtime because it is a little bit far from my office.
Well, especially cold days , I never feel like crossing Kachidoki bridge.
Also I’ll going to get a heat stroke at summer.

Menus are in front of the shop. It is written vertically. The most expensive food in the menus was sea urchin and left-over meat of tuna set,right side. 1000 yen.
It have sea urchin in a box.
Every foods in the menus were fish.
Menus, Ikenoya (Kachidoki)
But most of grilled or boiled fish were 780 yen. Those are inexpensive around there.
And, we can choice a tasty side dish from 3 or 4 kinds of dishes.

Though I wanted to eat sea urchin and left-over meat of tuna set at first,

That day’s side dishes were
Minced meat cutlet
Mentaiko bowl

I wanted to eat mentaiko bowl so much, and I decided ordering grilled or boiled fish set.
Tunas chin set, Ikenoya (Kachidoki)
This miso soup had tofu and raw seaweed in it.

I finally ordered a grilled chin of tuna set (鮪のアゴ焼き, 780 yen) with mentaiko bowl after not being able to decide.
One of the reason was that I missed Kashigashira’s grilled chin of tuna 😛
Mentaiko bowl, Ikenoya (Kachidoki)
Mentaiko !!! (^^)
Recently I couldn’t get good and inexpensive mentaiko, so I wanted to eat it !
I love mentaiko all the same.

Tunas chin, Ikenoya (Kachidoki)
So fatty ! Of course it was tasty, but my mouth was sticky with its fat 😛
It was salted and sweetened.

Ikenoya (池のや)
3-7-10 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 22:30
Saturdays – from 11:00 to 14:00
Holiday – Sundays, national holidays


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