Shinasobaya Kouya (支那そば屋 こうや) in Yotsuya-Sanchome

Wonton noodles, Kouya CITY GUIDE
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When I had something to do at Yotsuya, I dropped in at the ramen shop.

Appearance, Kouya

Wonton noodles (雲呑麺)  900 yen
Wonton noodles, Kouya
Too much for me !  I left some noodles … (>_<)

It is my memorable taste. Strictly speaking, it isn’t. This was the first time to visit there.

There is my real memorable taste at Sangenchaya. The shop’s name is ‘Mogi (茂木)’
Kouya serve similar ramen. Because … Mogi’s chef had trained at Kouya before he started his shop.

I could hardly go Sangenchaya, so instead of that, I had Kouya’s wonton noodles.

The wonton reminded me of the taste of Mogi’s wonton noodles well.
But the soup was quite different. Well, I like Mogi’s far better than Kouya’s.

After eating at Kouya, the more I miss Mogi’s ramen.. Sangenchaya is far for me, but I’ll go Mogi to eat my memorable ramen soon.


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