Tsukishima : Yukgaejang at Mashiso-ya (マシソ屋)

Appearance, Mashiso-ya (Kachidoki) Tokyo
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I’m starving of Yukgaejang !

I used to eat Korean foods so frequently. But recently, I don’t eat so much. Because a Korean foods restaurant in Nihonbashi that I loved has changed their seasonings. And the new seasonings is not my taste (T_T)

Nihonbashi : Yukhoejang at Mudungsanmgd
Yukhoejang in my memories I went to Nihonbashi after a long time, so I went to eat Yukhoejang (ユッケジャン, 950 yen) at Mud...

But I found a Korean foods restaurant near my office and they serve lunch set at lunchtime. I have been in the office for more 7 years, but I found the restaurant the other day. I heard it is founded many years ago. Probably before I had started working there 😛


Appearance, Mashiso-ya (Kachidoki)


After I sat, my side dish came. From left to right, mul kimchi, kimchi and namul.

Appetizer, Mashiso-ya (Kachidoki)

席につくと、いきなり、おかずがでてきました(ノ∀`) 水キムチがおいしかったな。

This was the first time to eat mul kimchi. It was so tasty. The taste of garlic was good. I wanted to eat more 😀

Then, I ordered a my yukgaejang with rice (ユッケジャンごはん, 850 yen).

Yukgaejang, Mashiso-ya (Kachidoki)


It had lots of rice in it. About ….. two portion… more ? I was over full 😛
I liked it, but it was not perfect all the same. My perfect yukgaejang is …. only the yukgaejang that I had eaten at Nihonbashi before.
I want to eat wonderful yukgaejang !

Well, Tsukishima is called “Monja town”, but somehow there are many Korean foods restaurants and yakiniku restaurants !

About Mashisoya (マシソ屋)

Address / 4-8-13 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukishima station (Toei subway, Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:30 – 14:00, 17:00 – 24:00
Closed / Sundays



  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    So sad when restaurants you love change the way they do things. I hope you’ll find another Korean restaurant that is just right:)

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