Full of soy milk in a box !

Soy milk with avocado, marusan Healthy drink
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I bought much soy milk :p

I joined Rakuten sale the other day for getting some clothes for this Autumn. Somehow I ordered soy milk, too.

48 packs of soy milks 😉

48 Soy milk, marusan


Each soy milks manufacturers develop many flavors and I could choose four flavors from about 14 flavors at this shop, too.
Matcha, orange, banana, cheesecake and so on.
Of course, I could choose same flavor, but this was the chance to taste some challenging flavors. So, I chose four flavors.

But as you realize, I’m really conservative 🙂 At first, I decided to order sesami and banana that is popular flavors 😛
By the way, I don’t like soy milk itself, so I didn’t order plain soy milk. I also don’t like tofu in its taste.
When eating tofu as hiyayakko, I put plenty of condiments like ginger and green onions, and soy sauce.
And when eating hotpot, hotpot is seasoned well or with tofu.
The tastes of tofu could be diminished depending on seasoning.
So, I eat tofu so often. It’s healthy foods 🙂

And another, malt coffee
This is also standard flavor 🙂

And Avocado !
I chose challenging flavor at last !
Though it says avocado, it also says custard flavor… Ah ? Which is true ?

Soy milk with avocado, marusan


Well, it was completely custard flavor. It don’t have avocado flavor.
It was tasty like drinking pudding 🙂
This had the least soy milk flavor in four flavors that I got.
It don’t have avocado flavors, but somehow there’s a strong smell of grass.

I like banana flavor the best. Banana never disappoint me all the same 🙂
And the worst was… malt coffee. To tell the truthe, I hated Kibun’s malt coffee flavor of soy milk, too.
I like coffee, but malt coffee might not be my taste …


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